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Manifesting Mr. Right

by Barbara Steingas, Inspirational Author/Speaker & Radiant Life Coach   On New Year’s Eve over thirty years ago, I inadvertently discovered the power of manifesting a perfect partner into my life. Prior to that I was just running on autopilot. I wasn’t steering my ship, so to speak. I was just hoping I would meet the right person to spend my life with.   Also, I was only looking at the superficial aspects of physical and emotional attraction, and not the bigger picture, like do we have the same goals and wants so that we may grow together in the same direction.   Beyond the Physical In the beginning of relationships, the aspects of physical attraction and lust take over and make us feel great. Once that initial phase wears off, whatever's left...

Love locks in Prague--long distance relationships

There is strength in distance: The benefit of long distance relationships

by Rebecca Pall Relationships are a wonderful and beautiful thing, but keeping things special can be a gray area when it comes to long distance relationships. I started a relationship in the beginning of May, but went away on a travel program for six weeks in the middle of June.  Before I left, there was a question of whether or not the relationship would last, or if the distance would be too much for us to handle. The relationship lasted, thanks to the help of technology and social media, but may not have been as successful if we didn’t have technology to assist us.   What it means to be in a long distance relationship [caption id="attachment_5441" align="alignleft" width="300"] Social media and technology can actually bring you closer if you...

gutless and grateful

Self-discovery as a pathway to your dreams: the story behind “Gutless and Grateful”

February's issue is relationships. There is no better way to start than to share the story of how one amazing woman who lost everything to achieve true self-discovery. In doing so, she caught her dream in a way that could have never happened otherwise. By Amy Oestreicher I grew up doing musical theatre. Let me rephrase that. I grew up thinking my life was a musical. Call it the “theatre bug,” call me a “drama queen” or a great big ham--I lived for the world of the stage. Singing and acting were ways I could connect with the world around me. When I took a deep, grounded breath from my gut, I sang what my heart longed to express. I found comfort in the words of my favorite composers. Through theatre, I...