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Elisabeth Ladwig on Science, Nature and Magic

Elisabeth Ladwig works in the medium of conceptual photography, or a photographic artist. Her artwork, often mistaken for paintings, are created from original photographs. Elisabeth began [caption id="attachment_4959" align="alignright" width="200"] When Life Hands you Lemons[/caption] as a graphic designer then later merged her career with her interest in collage art. The subject matter is a manifestation of her interpretations of the world through both observation and study. “Since childhood, I have pretty much synonymized science, nature, and magic,” Elisabeth said. “But what I noticed early on is that, out in society, all the mystery seems to get stripped away once we've found a hard algorithm for something. This always made me sad. I want to view the world with fascination and wonder, so my hope is that my art...

Global Event/Contest – #LipSexArt with Colin Christian

In an effort to give our Mind Key community of talented artists and friends another outlet to release their babies into the wild, see below for an amazing contest opportunity to be featured in a gallery show!  Remember to Hashtag (#) #MindKey and tag @Mind.Key (on Instagram) also when you participate!  We'd love to see what you come up with! **********************         In celebration of the new, exclusive "Lipsex" by Colin Christian,  AFA Gallery and the Artist invite fans to participate in a social media photo challenge!   Print the lips from our website, feature them in an original photo, and share the image on Instagram and Facebook via the tags:      #LipSexArt  @AFANYC  @ColinChristian    One person will win a pair of mini candy apple red lips by the Artist. (Please remember to keep...

NJ EVENT: St. Catherine Art Expo March 11th-13th

St. Catherine of Bologna, Patron of the Arts Association is holding their This is a wonderful event that encourages us to use art to stay connected,  touching those parts inside us we don't give enough attention. Amateur and professional artists of all mediums will have their work displayed in this juried exhibition.  Live music and free hors devours each evening, and a poetry reading at 7pm Saturday.  Free admission, donations gratefully accepted. For more information, visit or stop by to view this and other great events. ******************************************** If you are interested in having your event, business, product, or idea highlighted on Mind Key, visit

How do you glisten? Artwork by Heather Taylor for “Yin and Yang”

Today, Mind Key writers, Tamara Rokicki and Danielle Rose, share their thoughts on anthology contributor Heather Taylor and her photography which is included in Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance, available for preorder today.Heather Taylor is a mom first, but she refuses to let motherhood define her solely, and is continually creating, whether photography, art, crafts or food.  Glisten Dichotomically by Heather TaylorTamara writes that in Heather's anthology photo, Glisten Dichotomically, shown here, Heather brings us an ethereal concept wrapped in raw natural beauty.  "The spirit of the earth reaches out from the picture and allows us to connect with foliage, landscape and wildlife," Tamara said.  "I can hear the footsteps reverberating off the wooden planks of the trail, the cool air caressing...