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My New Year Irresolution

At Mind Key we focus on finding our inner strength and peace.  As members we rely on a small voice that calls us to determine our true destiny and to reach our highest potential.  To do so it takes practice, patience, and enlightenment.  Focusing on new milestones is something we often do at the end of a year.  As the holidays approach and we ready ourselves for 2016, we’re faced with the future.  Where will our hearts take us?  Will we find the right path?  Will we conquer our fears and accomplish what we were created to do?  Sometimes the answer to those questions comes in the form of resolutions, a common practice when confronting a new year. As for me, I call mine ‘New Year...

What the faeries think of us

Photography by Kely Luzio-Cardonawhat is a faerie, and why not call them fairies? Learn more HERE  There are many beliefs on who the faeries are and how they view humanity at large.  What is their role in this world, and what is their role in our lives? Faeries are in large part energy, but they also live in part in our world, on Earth.  In fact, they cannot live without Earth, and it is their duty and their purpose to keep earth spinning.They also believe it is our purpose in living here - to work with them to keep the world turning, to keep it happy and healthy for it is our mother and our child in turn.  Shame on us, they say, for not...

Songs from the heart: Emma Brooke

Nineteen year old singer/songwriter Emma Brooke has a sultry country voice and a passion for music.A year and a half ago she had the opportunity to make a dream come true when she recorded a song she wrote called "Wishing He Was You.”“That day caused me to fall in love with recording and being in the studio,” Emma said.While discussing her next songs Emma’s vocal instructor, Zuke Smith, suggested she write a song about Ty Rockey, whom Zuke had introduced Emma to a few years back. “One Day…” Emma said, then immediately realized she had the title to her next song.  “I was like ‘Ok gotta go bye!!’ …. I had most of the song [written] in 2-3 hours.”Emma describes “One Day” as a time capsule of...

Rocking for a cause: Rock for Retinal Research

Ty Rockey is a regular nine year old boy - except for one thing - he has a condition known as Lebers Congenital Amaurosis Type 1 (LCA1) that has made him blind from birth.According to his mother Kelly, there is a gene therapy procedure currently in clinical trials that is working to restore sight to others with LCA gene mutations.  The clinical trial for Ty’s gene should start within the next few months she said.“This is something we have been hearing about since the day he was diagnosed and now we are finally at the point where they are doing it – and it is working!” Kelly said.Through their non-profit organization, Ty’s Eyes, the Rockey family has been supporting this research with an annual concert...

The Story of Ty’s Eyes

Ty Rockey is nine years old and about to start the fourth grade.  Like most boys his age, he enjoys watching TV, riding his bike and playing outside with his friends.  Unlike most boys, Ty was born blind. Ty has Lebers Congenital Amaurosis type 1 (or LCA1), a genetic retinal disorder that can occur on one of 19 different genes, causing blindness from a very young age or birth.  “After we got a diagnosis we were completely devastated,” Ty’s mother, Kelly said.  “We had never even met a blind person before and had no idea what to expect or what his future would be like.”The Rockey family has since learned a lot about how blindness does not have to be a limitation.  Ty reads using braille,...

The Dark Summer

Where has summer gone?Although I was prepared to launch into a new stage of Mind Key development during the summer months, June and July have turned into the regeneration period of the Dark Lady.  This card has been coming up in readings lately, and it seems many of us are frustrated with the stagnancy and slow-movement of our life paths.The same goes for me.  Summer has traditionally been a period of soaking in as much sun and salt water as I can (lake water works in a pinch).  Today I spend my days doing craft and story time, pulling dunked children out of the water, and searching the sand for missing beach toys.  It may not seem dark, but as The Dark Lady says, it...