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You don’t have to be rich to pay it forward

When I retired in 2012 and moved to Pennsylvania, I kept telling my friends this would be my time of giving back.  I started volunteering at a therapeutic riding center near my home.  Started learning Reiki, something I had wanted to do since my twenties. Volunteered at the local Food Pantry and a local Humane Society.  I even offered my Reiki services to the senior citizen facility in town but they weren’t keen on the “new age” stuff. Over time I cut down on my activities.  Cleaning a litter box the size of a kiddie pool at the Humane Society “cat” house did a number on my asthma.   The local Food Pantry had so many volunteers we kept stepping all over ourselves.  I still volunteer...

Meditation for accepting another’s path

  If I have never walked the path of my brother If I have never felt his pain If my lessons have not walked a darkened path If I hold every thought every feeling every lesson within my soul I will hold every judgment on this path that I embark on now In my own evaluation Will I reach my hand out to my brother Only seeing his light Remembering only the love As we reach out light to another soul We will allow that connection of light The connection of our own soul to another Both of us becoming part of the universe Connecting Being Both taking our rightful place Leaving all darkness ***************************      Kathleen Santora teaches meditations and self-healing through the understanding of one’s own personal energy. A spiritual healer for the past 30 years, Kathleen began trance healing later when she became aware...

RI Event – The party that’s giving back

Looking for good music, good food, and good times this weekend? Look no further than A Party for the People, happening Sunday, June 26th in Middletown, RI. The day is about creating a sense of community and goodwill for all of us who have given back in some way to help others, event organizer and owner of Good Time Productions, Michael Hayes, said. "Everything that happens impacts the next person because [on the island] they're so close," Michael said. "I wanted to give something back to everybody.  We are always struck by tragedy, but I wanted to do this for a positive reason." Over the past decade, Michael's watched friends battle cancer, lose their loved ones and homes unexpectedly to tragedy, and time and time again, he's seen...

Giving Back through Taboo Words – Guest Blog by Jessica McWhirt

Today, guest Blogger Jessica McWhirt, shares how it feels to give back to the community through the empowering performance of this collection of risqué monologues. *************************************As the word “vagina” broke from my lips, the audience’s eyes widened a little, mouths opened slightly, and wine-filled glasses hung midair awaiting my next words. Even though my words make my audience recoil in their chairs, I know we’re creating awareness. It’s not easy to hear taboo subjects, let alone repeat forbidden words in front of 600 eyes. My Vagina Monologues cast and the hundreds of casts throughout the world swallow uncomfortable topics and silences to raise awareness of violence against women. The money we raise from these performances goes directly to an organization that works to end violence against women within...

Paying it Forward – volunteering time and experience

My young family (Step Dad, Mom, little brother, me and our son) right before my high school graduation. I was a teen parent.  While my husband is the father of all of my boys, I had our first child when I was 15 and we didn't get married until I was 22.  I attended a school for teen moms during my pregnancy and the semester after I had our son.  After returning to mu home school for a year and a half,  I graduated and went on to college with the help and support of my mom and step dad.  While being a teen parent was difficult, I thank God for that experience.  That broadening of my horizons.  The flip flop in my world view. The paradigm shift. The...

The tragedy in Orlando

  Photo credit to Yahoo.com (here) We at Mind Key grieve for all of the lives touched by the mass shooting at Pulse, an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, FL over the weekend.  Fifty lives, including the shooter's, were lost and fifty-three people remain wounded and hospitalized, some fighting for their lives.  Living in the Denver metro area in Colorado, I have borne witness to several local mass tragedies, starting with the shooting at Columbine High School (about 6 miles from my home), and most recently with the Aurora Theater shooting, which is near where our oldest son lives.  I know the sheer panic of wondering if someone you know has been affected, hurt, or even killed by acts of terror like this.  Photo thanks to Kara Bedard (via Facebook here) As...

Mind Key: Giving back to the community at large

In June's Mind Key Issue we will be sharing stories of giving back and paying it forward. Sometimes this is referred to as karma, but we prefer to look at it simply as energy.  We receive what we put out, which is why the best way to change the world is by changing your personal world.  This creates an incredible ripple effect that touches the lives of others, who then pay the good energy forward.  Not only that, but it raises your individual vibration so that you attract more of what you give into the world back to yourself. I like to compare this to the phenomenon of love.  No matter how much love you give, it never diminishes, only grows.  Giving back works the same way. We feel fulfilled and...