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time is limitless

Connect the dots–make the most of time

We can’t believe how fast this month has flown by. And that’s just what January’s theme was all about--shifting our perceptions of time to better serve us. No matter what your perception, our society depends on a linear model for almost everything. Can that line be changed? Some articles this month asked readers to challenge their definition of chronology. Others offered guidance on how to make the most of the traditional linear view. Our goal was to help you organize, feel more centered, and incorporate more productivity into your lifestyle. Week One--center yourself In Plan to achieve your dreams, creative journaling becomes a means to be more focused and organized in 2017. Improve productivity and creativity, organize thoughts, and achieve your goals with The helpfulness of lists. Also,...

Get organized with Charla Dury

[caption id="attachment_4945" align="alignright" width="142"] Charla Dury[/caption] By Barbara Steingas Charla Dury’s life experiences led her toward clean organization early in her adult life.  Needing to stay afloat financially during challenging times as a teen parent, Charla turned to her mom, who had great organizational skills. Learning through experience provided the ability to see the big picture and create an organizational plan and detailed budget. Charla discovered she was able to get a lot done by implementing the organizational tools she put in place. Her friends and family noticed, too.  They admired what Charla was able to accomplish and she became their go-to person for advice in the area of personal organization and time management. They were so pleased with the results they experienced that that began to refer...

Get back on the wagon & create your shining year with Leonie Dawson

“I’m a hippy that gets shit done,” says Leonie Dawson, CEO of Shining Biz & Life Academy and creator of the Create Your Shining Year series of workbooks, diaries, and other resources. This Australian native has managed to turn what was once a simple idea into a million dollar  business where she is able to keep herself and her children top priority. For the past five years, she has developed her own system to help countless others achieve their personal and professional goals. Her 2016 Create Your Shining Year Workbook is a mere fraction of what she has to offer. She also has a selection of webinars and other online courses that have helped thousands find purpose and contentment in life and work. Now, most of us...

Create your most genuine year with the Rituals for Living, Dreambook & Planner

    2015 went by in a blur, as years often do when you are 30 or 40 plus. We are familiar with the clichéd New Year's resolutions often made in late December while we're entwined in tinsel and credit card debt - lose weight, save money, exercise more, quit smoking, quit my job, quit complaining - you get the idea. But how many of us take the time to physically map out and visualize an ideal year?     A planner, datebook, or journal is an easy go-to holiday gift because who doesn't want to be more organized or have a place to jot down ideas? You've probably given or received one or two, or more. The problem with most...

Scrivener Tutorial: Why I wouldn’t use any other word processing or organizational program

Whether you've never heard of Scrivener, or whether you use it regularly, this simple, easy-to-use program is always surprising me with how versatile, effective, and powerful it truly is.While it's impossible to talk about everything Scrivener does in one blog or tutorial, today I'm discussing why this program is one of the most effective time-saving and organizational tools I discovered as a novelist and a freelance writer.For one, I can keep everything I'm working on in one handy-dandy online "file cabinet."  This means if I'm NaNoWriMo-ing, and need to pick up a phone call with a contact for an interview, I can click off my NaNoWriMo folder and easily click to my article folder, creating a new blank document in the appropriate spot.I can keep...