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Cannabis' intellectual creativity capacity is being shown in recent research.

Cannabis and Creativity: Using your whole brain

By Marla Funez   Creativity is not just creation, but the ability to see many solutions to a problem. Current research indicates cannabis' capacity to strengthen our intellectual creativity and ability to think freely.   Where is creativity in the brain? A common misconception of creativity is where it comes from. Many people think those who are "left-brained" have a linear thought process and use more logic, while the "right-brained" are creative and more inclined to use their feelings. The assumption is that people who use more of the left hemisphere of their brain are not as creative as people use more of the right hemisphere of their brain. This is a misconception because, as sports psychology writer Christopher Bergland explains in an article for Psychology Today, creativity comes from...

15 plucky superhero songs

15 songs for the plucky superhero in us all

By Theresa Birmingham   We all need to feel like a superhero sometimes. Since the stress of life relegates us to the role of sidekick so often, here’s a Spotify playlist, 15 Plucky Superhero Songs, that inspires you to shed the fear and stop being the sidekick in your own life. We hope these songs help you live fearlessly and find your inner superhero.   Top 15 plucky superhero songs   Eye of the Tiger by Survivor The Climb by Miley Cyrus Dare You to Move by Switchfoot It’s My Life by Bon Jovi Not Afraid by Eminem The Mountain by Dierks Bentley Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey Born to Fly by Sara Evans Brave by Sara Bareilles Heroes by David Bowie Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield Move Along by The...

ultrablue, a story of success by Eric Bunk

Music Knows No Timeframe: Meet Eric Bunk

PROFILE OF SUCCESS Each month, Mind Key shares the story of one person who is successfully striving for, or has achieved, the life they were meant to live. We love sharing stories of adventure, life lessons and people who took life by the horns and forged ahead. We're excited to introduce you to Eric Bunk, a musician from West Milford, NJ who recently raised his vibration and released a meaningful song he wrote more than 20 years ago, making Ultrablue, a story of success. Tell us about what you're doing and your life path. My life path is really just to try to get the most out of life. Music helps me express some of the energy I have stored up over time.  I work a regular job,...

Music is more than a pastime: it’s medicinal

by J.T. Nash, a Fall 2016 graduate of William Paterson University, NJ In a modern society, consumed by psychiatric appointments and psychoactive medications, it is essential to realize that a mere choice of song can provide a sufficient therapeutic effect to remedy some of our psychological afflictions. Music: The vibration of humanity Parents traditionally play classical music for their children to absorb while sleeping--music is a vital element of humanity, serving as a catalyst for our behavior. Due to the profound, impassioned influence that symphonic stimulation supplies, most cultures of the world use music to improve moods, deliver focus, or lull a person into a meditative state. "Music lets you rediscover your humanity, and your connection to humanity," musical icon Moby states in an interview with Thought Economics. In...

The Mind Key Midsummer Festival is Tomorrow, Saturday June 20th

The Mind Key Midsummer Festival is an opportunity for the Community at large to meet vendors and educators whose goal is to help you find healing and passion.  At Mind Key, we believe that when you are on a path that leaves you fulfilled, inspired, and always striving for the next best thing, then health and happiness follow.  We’ve planned a day of events with this belief in mind.  Self discovery through dream interpretation, creative activity, and different health modalities are only a few of the ways we’re sharing our path with you.  Musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments and play at our open mic.  Poets and writers can read their work between demonstrations throughout the day.  Children will have an opportunity to explore...