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Creative budgets will help you get your life back in control

Getting control of your finances – Practical Tips

By Charla Dury You know that feeling you get when you finish a job?  The feeling of relief that the task is off your plate? That’s how I feel when I pay my bills.  The good news is you can have that feeling all month long with creative budgets and just a little financial savvy. According to this 2016 Go Banking Rates Survey, 57.6% of Americans plan to set financial goals each new year when it is time to create resolutions. “Save more, spend less” and “pay down debt” rank high on everyone’s financial plan. Why is it that these things are so hard to do?   Why are budgets so scary? Fear of the unknown as well as the known Many people don’t keep track of their money.  To me, this...

Spending and your child: The effect of advertising on our youth

By Amanda Hollenbeck “I want, I want, I want.”  Every parent has heard these words ad nauseum. They’ve also heard how and why everything their children have seen on the television or via Youtube is something that they should own. Once children own the item they were yearning for, they usually lose interest in it, and move on to the next thing that they want. What role does advertising play in this dance, and are children more susceptible to advertising than adults Parents want to know how to avoid spending money on things kids only think they want while finding a better kind of currency to help children grow into happier, healthier adults. Research concluded that children who are eight years old or younger as especially vulnerable...

By recognizing abundance, you can calculate your piece of the prosperity pie

Abundance: There’s enough for everyone

By Barbara Steingas Most of us are brought up and taught to think there is lack in the universe, and that we aren’t deserving of abundance and prosperity, or that creating prosperity is reserved only for an elite few. For example, have your parents ever said, Money doesn’t grow on trees?” Or, “Do you think I’m made of money?” Or, “Save your pennies?” ​I heard these and other sayings repeatedly when I was a kid. My dad, especially, had lack issues with money.  I picked up on these beliefs, and as a result, have been self-sabotaging myself in the area of finances and prosperity despite making a good income as a physical therapist.   Strategies for creating prosperity Self-awareness and discovering the source of “lack” [caption id="attachment_5830" align="alignright" width="459"] Photo...

Through the understanding of marketing, you can combat your social media spending

How to Silence Your Spending in the Social Media Age

By Amanda Hollenbeck Tax season is in the air, and that means social media spending is on the rise. Some people decide to use their refunds by paying an ugly bill, saving for something important, or purchasing an item they truly want. Then, there are people who get click-happy and blow their refund on something they thought they wanted in the moment. Give those people a little slack—compulsive purchases are not always one’s own doing; sometimes, there are outside influences. Online shopping and social media has only added new marketing tactics to the pot. Conscious online shopping means becoming aware of those influences before making an online purchase.   Social media’s impact on online shopping Progressively, “living online” has become the norm, and companies are focused heavily on improving...

Lent and Mindfulness in relationships

“In a time where no one seems to have enough time, our devices allow us to be many places at once — but at the cost of being unable to fully inhabit the place where we actually want to be.  Mindfulness says we can do better.”  — Time Magazine cover article on mindfulness, February 3, 2014. Oh Catholic Lent! Self-denial for 40 days. First begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday. This year that is February 10th until March 24th. Then we can commence back to the sinning!!! ( Just a little humor) I am not Catholic. I have though, participated in Lent for a few years now. It's mindfulness. Give up harm, replace with good. Mediate for the 40 days and send peace to the...

Making Space: Your weight loss plateau

I was in a yoga class not that long ago… and I heard the instructor say something I hear over and over again in yoga classes… "Breathe space into your body, in between the bones and joints." Breathe… a key element to yoga and to life… but it was the "making space" that hit me this time. My weight is something I've struggled with since having children.  Those few extra pounds reveal themselves in places I'd rather they not.  Skimming Louise L. Hay's book, "You Can Heal Your Life," shows us where aches, pains, and even weight will settle when we mentally allow it.  I won't tell you where my weight settles, because that will be too telling of my own personal demons… but I will say,...


Mindfulness.Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines mindfulness as:1:  the quality or state of being mindful2:  the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one's thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis; also:  such a state of awareness When I think of mindfulness now, I think of yoga, meditation, hot tea and incense.  And calm.Calm is a difficult concept for me.  With all of the roles I play in my life and the hecticness of my calendar, I don’t makeenough time for myself.  As an aside:  Notice I said make instead of find time.  There’s enough time.  As much as I joke that I could use more hours in the day (couldn’t we all?) if it’s important to you, you’ll find the...