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Jon and I for Christmas pics 2015 Hiya!  My Name’s Charla Dury and I’m the editor here at Mind Key.  I wanted to introduce myself. While you’ve probably seen blogs from me, I don’t know that I’ve taken a chance to actually say hi.  So hi.  Now that that’s done, I want to let you know that Mind Key is in a bit of a transition period.  We’re working hard to build a diverse group of folks on our blog (both regular columnists as well as guest bloggers) to give you a wide range of material to help you on your journey.  We want to be sure to hit on all of the aspects of Mind Key that you’re here for; Health, Spirituality, Creativity, Connection and...

A novel is never a one-person project

Cover design for "Chimera"Finishing a novel is easily the biggest accomplishment of my life.  Immediately I had to change my bio, as for many years it had read: "Danielle has begun dozens of novels, but has yet to finish one.""Chimera" is about to be fully realized as I head to Vermont with a better than one-in-six chance to win a traditional publishing contract.  I am so blessed and honored for this opportunity.I am so proud not only of myself, but of all the collaborators that helped me finish this.  I could not have done it without Charla Dury, Tamara Rokicki and especially Rebecca Godina, who has been in it since the beginning! They were all patient with me as I gave them large chunks of...

Charla’s story of Mind Key – Charla Dury

I’ve been blogging off and on for nine years.  That’s right, I said 9 whole years!  I started on MySpace (can you believe that I mentioned MySpace to a younger coworker today and he had no idea what I was talking about?) and I gained a tremendous following.  Over 300 subscribers.  I blogged about  family, friends, life, politics, love, kids, poetry (and poetry games) and personal experiences. Pretty much anything.  Except fiction.  I read fiction, I don’t write much of it.   Sadly sinking MySpace I blogged on MySpace for a few years, making many new friends along the way.  I created Charlapalooza and Walk The Word (incredibly attended and insanely popular poetry games,) was picked up as a weekly poet on TheBlueDoodle.com and, with...

In a Nutshell: Fiction and Life Parallels

Last week on Mind Key, the blog, your Mind Key writers explored fiction and life parallels.  In Meet the Community: Danielle Rose on Tuesday, Charla introduced you to Mind Key's creator, Danielle Rose.  "I've been talking to trees and faeries ever since I could remember," Danielle says. Her connection to the fae and to nature has taken her down life's path less traveled.As a mom of two girls, Danielle is perpetually on the go, but she’s always focused on what she has found most important, homemade family dinners, playing outside and reading.  “I've been reading my favorite chapter books aloud since my youngest was about six months old," she said.  "Today, both of my girls adore all of my favorites and that means...

Charlapalooza Memories

October, 2006. The gauntlet had been thrown, and Charla and I prepared for the mental gymnastics that were soon to follow. Two poets enter. . . well, two poets leave. As far as I know, no one’s brain has ever exploded from Charlapalooza. But only one poet will be victorious, their reward the knowledge that they have mastered the art of pulling a poem out of their ass. It didn’t matter that my highest level of poetic training was high school AP English, or that I had never willingly written a poem in my life. What mattered was the blood-thirsty fans that threw the most ridiculous topics at us, yet not once did I cry uncle– not even when the topic of BANANA HAMMOCKS was...

How Charlapalooza rocked my world

Danielle Rose and Charla Dury in 2007Strict guidelines, ridiculous suggestions, and sometimes tight forms totally stretched my creative muscle back in 2006 when I first (most willingly) fell victim to Charlapalooza.  First of all, I met and became great friends with Mind Key Member, and creator of Charlapalooza, Charla Dury.  Secondly, of my best poems—a few of which were subsequently published—ensued.  Not only that, but Charlapalooza gave my writing exposure I had never experienced.  A ton of new readers, a spot on a Blog Talk radio show, publication, and editor positions were all to follow as a direct result of my participation.   From there I was invited to and traveled to poetry festivals, further building my network and my social networking skills both in person...

The Realm of Faerie by Danielle Rose

I’m so pleased to be a part of Trinity Summer Fest this weekend at the Sussex County Fairgrounds.  Although I will be in the company of many other intuitives, psychics and readers, I know that what I have to offer the metaphysical world is unique unto itself.I’ve been in contact with the realm of faerie for as far back as my memory goes.  The faerie realm is a powerful energetic field that interacts with humanity on a very base level.  Just as angels are an intricate link between spirit and humanity, faeries link nature and and mother earth to those chosen to walk it - us.The list of authors, artists, and healers who helped me recognize this truth are many and varied, but I would...