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Manifesting Mr. Right

by Barbara Steingas, Inspirational Author/Speaker & Radiant Life Coach   On New Year’s Eve over thirty years ago, I inadvertently discovered the power of manifesting a perfect partner into my life. Prior to that I was just running on autopilot. I wasn’t steering my ship, so to speak. I was just hoping I would meet the right person to spend my life with.   Also, I was only looking at the superficial aspects of physical and emotional attraction, and not the bigger picture, like do we have the same goals and wants so that we may grow together in the same direction.   Beyond the Physical In the beginning of relationships, the aspects of physical attraction and lust take over and make us feel great. Once that initial phase wears off, whatever's left...

Nix Social Media: Manifest an Organic Relationship

By Rebecca Pall   Do you want an organic relationship? To manifest a real connection with someone you just met? Don’t let social media freeze that process!   The temptation is real   It happens to everyone.  Two people who have never met before express interest in each other.  They decide they want to go out on a date.  They plan that date.  However, chances are, one or both have social media accounts. They give into the temptation to find the other person’s Facebook and get to know him or her a bit more before dinner the following evening.  But chances are things will come up about what was seen on social media, and soon the date becomes stiflingly inorganic.   First dates were once simple—a true feeling of getting to know someone....

attachment style is formed in youth, and follows us into adulthood

Heal the wounds of youth through romantic relationships

Falling in love means devoting energy into what another person is thinking or feeling. Research indicates that the childhood attachment style we develop have a lasting effect on our adult romantic relationships. Intimate partners often resemble either, or both parents in a variety of ways. Childhood experiences, whether positive or negative, impact the attachments formed in adult relationships, as discussed in a 2005 study published in the journal of Attachment and Human Development.   How childhood relationships affect intimacy as an adult According to the Center for Disease Control, 40-50% of first marriages end in divorce, meaning that few children witness healthy relationships and conflict resolution, leading many to fall into the same conditioned habits and behaviors of their parents. According to a review published by R. Chris Fraley of...

In defense of the unmarried woman

        So I am supposed to be writing about relationships this time. I am sitting here on my couch with my ever-faithful dog and out of no where my grad school thesis advisor popped into my head along with other loved and admired poets. Women who had one huge commonality. Rachel Wetzsteon was a revered poet, author, and teacher who had a profound influence on my strengths and weaknesses as a poet and writer. I may have been her last advisee since she committed suicide seven months after I graduated in 2009. I think about how I’ll never have the opportunity to sit with her in a coffee shop on a cold February in New York, laugh with her over the ridiculousness of...

I love you. But we can’t be together…. today

Sarah Loukos Sarah Loukos is a tarot reader and a valued Mind Key member and contributor. Today I will not think That we could not spend it together I will instead think Of all the days we did have together And hope that you can feel me Reliving every moment S.L. Gray Love is a funny lil bugger, ain't it? It dives you into a world of joy and anger, dizziness, bliss and oh the fantasy that lives in your mind about how it will be when you both are in each others arms. One day. Guess what, it's not today. You're married or he's married, one can, one can't. Life or jobs. KIDS?! All of these things are the things that get in the way of you and your soul mate's love. As a tarot reader, I see...

Surviving the most wonderful time of the year

Peace, joy, happiness…All words that we use to define the holiday season.But how many of us actually feel these deep emotions during what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year?Instead, we suffer through the holiday hustle and bustle.  The next trip to the store. The next gift we can't really afford. The next party we don't have the energy to enjoy…. And on and on and on it goes.  We promise ourselves this year it will be different.  This year we will sit and enjoy the holidays.  This year we will spend more time with our family and less ticking off our endless to-do lists.Sometimes it works.  Usually not for long stretches, but in those blissful moments when our children get...

Saving our children from Mother’s Day?

A few years  back writer Anne Lamott wrote an article for Salon.com which has since gone viral.  Today’s post is my comments to her article.  I’ve included some of the original article here, but feel free to click on the link below to hear the whole rant.   http://www.salon.com/2010/05/08/hate_mothers_day_anne_lamott/I did not raise my son, Sam, to celebrate Mother’s Day. … Mother’s Day celebrates a huge lie about the value of women: that mothers are superior beings, that they have done more with their lives and chosen a more difficult path. … I hate the way the holiday makes all non-mothers, and the daughters of dead mothers, and the mothers of dead or severely damaged children, feel the deepest kind of grief and failure. … It should...