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Release and renew is a great way to fall into spring

Spring cleaning at its finest—Release as a form of renewal

By Barbara Steingas Spring is a traditional time of year for renewal. It is also a time to branch out and expand again after the hibernating effects of the winter. In order to release and renew, we need to let go of what we no longer want to make room for what we do want. Just like the saying, “out with old and in with the new.”   Releasing the tangible Places to release and renew include physical items that are cluttering our homes, or are no longer something we need to cling onto. I always love to do a spring cleaning and reorganize to start fresh again for the season. My mom was visiting me through the holidays until her birthday near the end of February, so we...

letting go of toxic relationships

When relationships hold you back–Letting go of the limiting beliefs, not the connection

Toxic relationships take energy away from our personal path of growth. Ending a relationship that no longer serves us, however, can be a difficult journey. Someone once said to me, “Some people are easy to love, as long as they are in Australia.”  Some people I can only love as long as they live on Mars. The point is that sometimes toxic relationships make it impossible to do that which we love.  When that happens, we have two choices: try to change the relationship, or change the way we experience it. Wendy Watson-Hallowell, Mind Key’s own Belief Coach, shares how we can self-fulfill that which our relationships do not provide, and thereby forge a richer relationship with ourselves, and with those we love most.   Letting go of toxic...

The things our body holds

The things we hold onto—emotions, hatred, old patterns—they hold onto us in very physical ways. A sample photo of a somatoemotional release session About six years ago I began to understand this truth while experiencing Somatoemotional Release, a type of body work (like massage or chiropractic work) based on the inherent memory of body tissue.  In other words, you may have physically healed from a trauma (such as a fall or impact) but the tissue retains the memory of the injury.  This can cause muscles around the traumatized area to tense as if they still needed to protect the injured tissue.  Since the body has essentially healed from the actual injury, Somatoemotional Release allows the body to release that trauma so everything else can relax and realign. Much...

Simple steps for avoiding a detox

In today's culture, detox seems to be the go-to for almost any health concern.  And why not?  We are often overwhelmed and so overloaded, that the idea of "letting go" of it all seems incredibly appealing. However, sometimes a detox isn't the answer.  Oftentimes, there are simple solutions that require a more gentle letting go--such as releasing old paradigms and emotional patterns. Lack of sleep For those who are tired and have trouble falling asleep, I recommend leaving computers, cellphones and televisions out of the bedroom. When you get into bed at night and you are ready for sleep, do nothing except relax and settle your body down;  the stimulation to the pituitary and pineal gland from the screen lights is not one that is conducive to a state of relaxation. For those...

Rhinebeck, NY Event- Collaborating with Nature Workshop June 3-5

Sometimes letting go means letting go of our old ways of healing. This fabulous workshop, happens only once a year.  In it, you will learn how to let go of your old ways of thinking, recognizing that you CAN heal the environment, and at the same time heal yourself. WORKSHOP  Collaborating with Nature: Experience Mutual Healing Between Trees and You! June 3rd to 5th, 2016 Click HERE for more info and to register.   Collaborating with Nature: Mutual Healing Between Trees and People The Two-Way Street for All to Flourish on Earth  ·     Exchange mutual healing: Give Tree Whispers - Receive trees' life-force-based transmissions.  ·     Enjoy profound intuitive and sensory encounters with Trees and other Nature Beings. ·     Experience Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as interactive forces or elemental Beings.   ·     Move from "me" to "we" with 5 steps...

The Impossibility of Letting Go

The Mind Key Theme this month is letting go, and as I sit here contemplating what to say on the subject, I realize that I’m totally clueless. I tend to focus, you see. OK, not focus. Obsess. If something has my attention, I will dissect the subject thoroughly. I will twist it this way and that, hold it under a microscope, analyze it, catalog it, rip it apart, put it back together again. On the other hand, if it doesn’t have my attention, it zips right over my head before I realize it’s there. So, if I can harness my laser-like focus only on things beneficial to me, then the poisonous would just slip away, right?  The thing is, I don’t get to choose what attracts...

What it means to hold on/let go

What are you holding on to? We all hold onto something: Physically, emotionally, physically, it's human nature to hold-on. I used to hold onto things.  I held onto every little thing I could.  Wrapping paper, old dishes, screws, wires, toys, scraps of wood.  Everything can be reused.  Everything had sentimentality. There was energy in everything I owned. This was as a child.  As I grew, so did my collections of things. I realized I couldn't hold onto everything anymore.  We accumulate so much.  Then there's nothing to do but let go of it or let it consume you. The first things I remember struggling with letting go of was gifts.  I remembered every single gift given to me, and couldn't bear to let go of them.  I held...

My New Year Irresolution

At Mind Key we focus on finding our inner strength and peace.  As members we rely on a small voice that calls us to determine our true destiny and to reach our highest potential.  To do so it takes practice, patience, and enlightenment.  Focusing on new milestones is something we often do at the end of a year.  As the holidays approach and we ready ourselves for 2016, we’re faced with the future.  Where will our hearts take us?  Will we find the right path?  Will we conquer our fears and accomplish what we were created to do?  Sometimes the answer to those questions comes in the form of resolutions, a common practice when confronting a new year. As for me, I call mine ‘New Year...