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Holiday Season Stress? Yes, You’ve Got in Under Control

This month Mind Key will be sharing stories and tips for living in the moment with ease and brilliance this holiday. Inspirational author and motivational speaker, Azuka Zuke, provides encouragement and insights on how we can remain positive and present with our loved ones and the beauty of peace during even the most stressful moments this holiday.author Azuka Zuke *   *   *                     It’s holiday season again.  A time when we get into the frenzy of celebrations. From holiday songs to decoration adorned houses lining streets of holiday shoppers. For some people, this is an exciting time. But for others, this can also be a tough time of year. We all want peace, beauty, mindfulness, happiness, strength and joy, but oftentimes...

Finding healing for body, mind and soul at the Mind Key Winter Solstice Celebration

Barbara Steingas is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker and radiant life coach. She has written three books which share her tools of healing and wholeness through body, heart and spirit, drawing on her personal path of healing, and 30 years experience as a physical therapist. Her coaching, workshops and talks are designed to help you quickly identify the missing pieces to your personal healing puzzle, optimize your health and vitality, and live the radiant life you deserve.As a member of the Mind Key Community, Barbara will be joining us at the Winter Solstice Celebration this Saturday in West Milford, NJ.  Visit www.mindkey.me/festivals to learn more about this day of free events, demonstrations, crafts, live music and open mic, and more for the entire family."I have...

Becoming Whole: Making peace with the light and the dark

At Mind Key we believe are all whole and perfect, exactly the way we are. The only way to accept and make peace with this truth is by exploring the shadow side of ourselves and bringing it to light. In our anthology, Yin and Yang: The Duality of Balance our healers, artists and writers share their insights and journeys into achieving wholeness via both the yin and yang sides of themselves and the world around them. Let them inspire you on your own path of healing and happiness in the following reviews of their contributions to this beautiful, full color work of art:Award-winning author, inspirational speaker and radiant life coach, Barbara Steingas, helps people find the pieces they need to solve their personal health...

Discovering Celtic Inspired Art

This weekend I attended The Celtic Heritage Festival in Bethlehem, PA.  Besides the amazing array of kilts, celtic music, and sports, I was stunned by the quality vendors whose wares were for sale at this show.The beauty of walking through tents and tents of hand crafted items is that each booth brings you into a different space of being. Whether it's smelling hand carved wooden toys and sculptures, watching the light bounce off hand tooled copper designs, or discovering an amazing new art techniques… each new space brings with it a sense of awe, wonder and amazement.  Even better is the opportunity to meet the artist and talk about their work.  They're always so willing to share their techniques, their inspiration, and their story.  If...

Tamara Rokicki on Minute Novel – Writing as inspiration

by Tamara RokickiThere’s a spiritual connection that comes from writing and it harbors a strong inner enlightenment.I began writing at a very early age.  I wrote about everything—stories of fairies, fashion tips, recipes, Tamara Rokickimanga, personal journals and eventually what turned out to be the beginning of novels.  Thinking back to the early years of my life, I see that writing wasn’t just something I learned to enjoy over time.  There wasn’t a particularly enlightening class in elementary school that prompted me to love the art of writing.  It was something emblazoned deep inside my core even before I could steadily hold a pen in my hand.  It was my life connection to something higher.   I often see myself as lost inside a venue of...

The Camp NaNoWriMo Mind Key Challenge

I have undertaken an amazing adventure.Yes, yes, relaunching Mind Key is an amazing adventure… and please don’t think I’ve dropped the ball on this yet.  We have a wonderful community built, and we are all working together (which is incredibly inspiring) to create a blog worthy of what you expect from a community dedicated to creativity, inspiration, connection and growth.  Meanwhile, we’re looking to add new members and creating a calendar of events that couldn’t possibly leave anyone wanting for things to do.  There will be more to come in upcoming days, including fantastic contests, online and live classes, and possibly a radio show.As part of this I want to introduce you to a fantastic contest that simply couldn’t wait.  The amazing adventure I’ve mentioned...