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Spring renewal--the blueprint for recreating your life experiences

Hatching seeds: A blueprint for recreating your life experiences

Today is the first day of spring. With the abundant imagery of seeds bursting forth, things hatching, and leaves unfurling, spring renewal is the perfect time to imagine blossoming into our fullest expression of self.  In her post, “The Blueprint,” business consultant and wellness coach, Rebecca Polan, offers her perspective on how the human blueprint is incredibly similar to that of a seed’s. We can use this understanding and imagery to break free of our own fears and barriers. Then we can become the “we” we dream of becoming. Spring Renewal: A blueprint By Rebecca Polan Seeds are potential plants.  The seed is at the same time a little package of information about what it will become...


March’s issue: Renewal, a recipe for achievement and growth

Renewal marks a change in our lives. It means to start anew, freshen up lifestyles, ideals, ways of thinking and even our relationships. Sometimes we can become stuck in broken connections or repeating patterns. Renewal becomes an opportunity to shed the skin of old and to become the person you were meant to be. There’s no better time to do this than when the earth is doing the same. In spring, we revel in the scent of fresh air, the sound of birds singing and the wonder of nature being reborn. After the hibernation of winter, spring is (excuse the pun) a breath of fresh air. It’s easy to allow the new energy to envelop us and take us with it.  And why shouldn't we allow it?  We...

Let it in – Acceptance of Opportunities

The above meme might seem cliche, but this month's theme of release can come in many forms.  One thing that you can release are preconceived notions of who you are and what you can or can't do.  Until you're faced with a situation, there's no way to know.  I say this because recently, my husband and I had the unthinkable happen. Danielle and me in NYC.  I was on the phone with the travel company. We planned our 20th anniversary dream trip to Europe.  We were going to visit Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic.  It was going to be incredibly romantic, walking and biking everywhere together, hand in hand (not on the bikes). We were going to go on planned tours and explore on our own and...

My Mind Key Experience – Tara Ann Lesko

My involvement in Mind Key has given me a new appetite for knowledge and self-expression. Until I met Danielle Rose and started participating in Mind Key the Blog, I had no idea I could be a multi-faceted writer and artist. The topics I have written about for the blog, and the creative spirits I have met through the Mind Key Project have opened an otherwise cynical and one-track mind. Okay, I am still a bit cynical and rough around the edges. But Mind Key has persuaded me to explore boundless realms of creativity and spirituality.Let me put it this way. If someone told me three short years ago I would be starting a collage party business and studying shamanism or tarot, I would have smacked...

What does it mean to be a Mind Key Member?

Are you looking to push your work or business into the next stage?  Trying to build a website or bring more attention to your existing online presence? Sell more product or find new clients? Have you wanted to share what you do with photos, video, and articles, but don’t know where to start?Mind Key wants to help bring the vision and collaboration of what it means to be connected, and to help you do the same.This is an opportunity for health professionals, artists, writers, businesses, practitioners and the people interested in their work to fulfill their resolutions to become more involved, build their following, and create an online and physical presence. Mind Key is about living...

The Juice Box Incident, from the memoir “The Golden Skillet” by Tara Ann Lesko

Ignore them and they will stop when they see they can’t get the reaction they want out of you. Another commonly used and utterly false declaration. Nuisances don’t care about being ignored by one person because there is always going to be a group of sheep bleating behind them in support. So I sat at the table with my head down. My tiresome lunch looking up at me – the scent of chocolate milk, fruit cups, and mozzarella cheese swirled around my throbbing head. I looked at my juice box that was slightly crunched since it was mostly empty. Juice boxes are all fine and dandy, but there is only problem with them. They are never enough. Your thirst is vaguely quenched once you reach...

Divination as a modality of healing and growth

Divination is becoming more and more a tool for self development, healing and growth.  Most often it comes in the gentle form of intuition that health care practitioners use to guide them in their decisions. This is especially true of certain alternative healing modalities, but it holds water even in standard medical practices.  Think of the analytical character, House M.D., who relies as heavily on traditional medicine as he does his gut.  We use our gut when we need to make decisions with no right answer, with pro and con lists that are evenly balanced, or when we simply know something “isn’t right.”    Our intuition leads us to chose our profession, our partners, our homes.  We convince ourselves that we’ve made these choices because...