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Midsummer Festival TODAY

Don’t forget to join us TODAY for the Mind Key Midsummer Festival in Ringwood.  The weather looks like it will be beautiful, and we’re gearing up for a day full of music, events, and lots of fun and inspiration.CLICK HERE for a full listing of vendors, activities and a schedule of the day’s events. This family-friendly event is also a great opportunity to get some physical healing, learn about membership and view our beautiful hardcover book: The Mind Key Project: An Anthology for the very first time.We will have live music, an open mic, and round out the day with a bonfire by the lake.  There will be awesome give-aways and gift certificates every hour.  Need a last minute gift for Dad?  Pamela Dzbenski will...

Want To Be a Ghost Hunter?

capturing energy/spirits on cameraFor you DYI ghost hunters, there’s much available today to get you started.  Although there is no substitute for professional (Ahhh, are there really any professional ghost hunters?) advice, going through some great websites can give you a jump start.  My all time favorite and the site I went to first is Chuck’s Paranormal Adventures (  He talks about equipment, evidence, offers a glossary of terms.  He actually comes at it from both the scientific method, as well as the metaphysical, offering protection advice such as using holy water and sage, something I recommend.  I met Chuck at a recent NJ Paraunity Expo.  He is down to earth and offers good advice.For those of you...