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Vertical Gardening with the Rodale Institute – Snapshot

  Grow up, not out Vertical Garden! Build your growspace   Vertical Gardening in Urban Environments     Many urban centers across the U.S. have been labeled as "food deserts" where city residents do not have access to local, fresh produce. Food is transported to city centers by the truckloads from miles away, oftentimes arriving close to or past their expiration and in questionable condition. As a result, city residents, who account for 81% of the U.S. population, are provided with low quality produce. Urban gardening and farming has risen in the last decade. However, increasing green spaces and food production in urban environments is not without challenges and risks.  Rodale Institute has designed a number of prototypes for vertical gardening called "Growing Towers." Advantages of using growing towers include creating space vertically...

NJ Event and Gardening Tips

Pollinator Week is coming soon!  June 20th through the 26th, 2016.   National Pollinator Week is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what you can do to protect them."  We are celebrating by putting all of our native plants on sale all week, as well as any 'pollinator' plants.  To kick off the week, we will be hosting a Butterfly Gardening Class on Saturday June 18th at 2 pm with educator Carol Gurney. Explore the butterfly's life cycle, receive information on host and nectar plants, make your own butterfly cage, receive a Painted Lady AND a Monarch chrysalis to take home and then watch as they emerge into butterflies. Monarchs are having a rough time these days-come give one a good start! Pre-Registration...

PA Event – Soil Biology for Gardners

Our friends at Rodale Institute hold many incredibly useful and interesting workshops.  Visit Rodale Institute to check out their many offerings. Soil Biology for Gardeners June 11 10am-1pm   Do you ever wonder what the term "healthy soil" really means? Learn more from Rodale Institute's soil research staff and about what's really going on under your feet (and all around your plants' roots).   Register > ...

Newport, RI Weekly Event – Kids’ Corner and Food Passport Program Every Wednesday

  Mind Key loves and supports families and natural growing things, so to find that the Aquidneck Grower's Market is creating a program for kids this summer makes us giddily happy!  Make sure you bring your kiddos and check it out.  Every Wednesday this summer in Newport, RI. A Kids' Corner and Food Passport program are coming to the market! Aquidneck Community Table is pleased to announce a new program for our Wednesday summer growers market in Newport: we will hold a Kids' Corner from 2-6 PM with fun activities for our littlest customers! In addition to games like corn hole and fun coloring pages, the Kids' Corner will occasionally feature special activities such as planting seedlings. We will also hold veggie tastings for our Food Passport Program, in which kids will...

Newport, RI Event – Community Garden Building 5/21

Mind Key fully supports all sustainable living endeavors and this group embodies it all, involving community at every turn in the Newport, RI area.   Community Garden Building at the Great Friends Meeting House You may have seen Aquidneck Community Table's video for our Community Garden Initiative (if not, you can check it out here)--here's your chance to actually get your hands dirty! From 12:30 PM to 5 PM on Saturday, May 21st, you can join us outside the Great Friends Meeting House (21 Farewell St) in Newport to help build raised beds for the community garden plots. Since we will be providing lunch, we need an accurate idea of who will be attending, so please RSVP on our Facebook event or by emailing info@aquidneckcommunitytable.com(you can also email this address if...

Kutztown, PA – Rodale Institute Upcoming Events

Rodale Institute, a local organic farm, store and learning facility, is putting on events and sales for farmers/gardeners of all ages and skill levels.  Join us to support sustainable living and growth through the Earth's great bounty! UPCOMING EVENTS Make Your Own Rain Barrel May 14 Register to learn the benefits of rain barrels, installation and maintenance for different types of rain water harvesting systems, as well as hands-on construction of a rain barrel using a 55-gallon food grade reused barrel that attendees will take home. Register > Organic Plant Sale May 20-21, 27-28 Can't wait to get your hands dirty? We have everything you need to get your organic garden going and growing. Certified organic plants, compost, seeds, tools and more! Self-guided tours are available. Learn More > Vermicomposting June 4 Join us for an introductory class...

Amaryllis: Bring pride, beauty and success into your home all winter long

Images from www.gardennewsbreak.com The plant hippeastrum, commonly known as amaryllis, is a a member of the lily or Liliacea family. Robin Rose Bennett, herbalist and author of The Gift of Healing Herbs said that although amaryllis are not edible, the liliacea family contains many edible and medicinal plants such as garlic and chives. Tulips are also part of this family. Amaryllis are often sold as gifts around the holidays as they provide vibrant color indoors during long winter months.The beauty of these bulbs is that they are fairly easy to grow, and within 5-10 weeks after planting (depending on growing conditions and variety), horticulturist Christian Curless of Colorblends, a third generation wholesale bulb merchant, says they produce multiple flowers on two to three towering stalks...

Using trash in artistic gardens

Todays two artists love using reclaimed objects to add design and definition to their homes.  Check out their work and an open collaborative upcycle sculpture project being run by Danielle Barbour in Warwick, NY this summer. Stacey Monks While looking for do-it-yourself garden projects, Tennessee mother and crafter Stacey Monks was inspired by a dresser-turned-planter she found online. “Someone had this dresser in the garbage,” she said.  “We nailed it to the tree, shimmed on bottom, and… put a brace in the back and drilled it into tree so it doesn’t move.” The drawers are filled with perennial creepers that will eventually spill over the edges, using their root systems to hold the dresser together when weather begins to break it down.  She also left room to plant new...