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Be bold but don’t let your ego lead you

March: An Ego Driven Month

by Seshat Clairvoyant Don’t let your ego lead you With spring in the air, it’s easy to get caught up in change, but don’t let your ego lead you astray. The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, the weather feels warmer and people are emerging from their winter slumber. The arrival of March brings hope to many. The winter was harsh and these past two months were oftentimes anything but a joy ride. January brought emotional hit after hit, we saw the women in our family go through some challenges, and reality sunk in. February was a month of unexpected surprises, change, news and very revealing dreams with the eclipse on the 15th. March brings on some chaotic energy and, if you are not prepared...

Understanding Ego and being mindful

Understanding Ego and the Self

By The Mind Key Editorial Team This month, we look into understanding ego and the self. As February comes to end, so do harsh winter days. With March comes the first instances of Spring, along with waves of hope and encouragement for self-reflection. March feels like the perfect time to reflect on the Ego. The Ego, much like a plant, is nurtured and feeds off its natural surroundings. Many things are affected by your Ego such as everyday decisions, some personality traits, and especially your desires! The Ego should never be ignored. And that is what we hope to convey during the month of March. We hope to show you, through a series of articles and meditations, that you can become more aware, and perhaps learn...