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Cannabis' intellectual creativity capacity is being shown in recent research.

Cannabis and Creativity: Using your whole brain

By Marla Funez   Creativity is not just creation, but the ability to see many solutions to a problem. Current research indicates cannabis' capacity to strengthen our intellectual creativity and ability to think freely.   Where is creativity in the brain? A common misconception of creativity is where it comes from. Many people think those who are "left-brained" have a linear thought process and use more logic, while the "right-brained" are creative and more inclined to use their feelings. The assumption is that people who use more of the left hemisphere of their brain are not as creative as people use more of the right hemisphere of their brain. This is a misconception because, as sports psychology writer Christopher Bergland explains in an article for Psychology Today, creativity comes from...

Learn how to have a writing career, and in the process, gain that flexibility and freedom you’ve always wanted!

Turn your passion into a career

By Danielle Rose Once upon a time, if you wanted to make a career change, such as taking up teaching or accounting, your options were limited. Getting another degree was your only recourse—something that cost significant time and money. How often have you said, “I wish that were my job,” or “I’d love to make money doing that”?  What held you back? Experience? Reputation (or lack thereof)? No time or money to undergo training? What if you could make a career or thriving side-business out of things you already know you love? What if you could become an expert in your chosen field? And, what if you could do all this without sacrificing too much time or extra cash? The answer is incorporating a professional writing...

Pitfalls of bloggers and rock stars

On a summer trip back in 2015, Mind Key affiliate and writer, copywriter, and coach, Marisa Goudy, learned some life lessons applicable to many creative entrepreneurs and their artistic ego. Through the lens of U2’s song, "Songs of Innocence," Marisa found there are many pitfalls that can be found among creative types and entrepreneurs across the globe. By Marisa Goudy You know the songs that matter. They have a way of illuminating your past. At the same time, they shed new light on your present and make you look forward to a brighter future. (Articles and blog posts can do this too, of course.) If “Songs of Innocence” appeared on your iTunes as a free download back in 2014, you likely recall the backlash. No one even had time...

Letting Go with Oracle and the written word

Professionally, I am a teacher. That is how I pay my rent. How much teaching is done by my own volition? I am not sure sometimes. However, I am sure that leading others to writing as a primary source of detox is the best kind of teaching I can do. As a writer, artist, educator, and participant of the Mind Key project, my purpose has leaned more toward helping others find the stories they need to tell. As resistant as some may be, every single person has a story in words, pictures, or song. Once the creative outlet is found, we can let go of everything else which feels the need to hold us back. Creativity is an integral part of connectedness and restructuring, and some...


What if God were still making up his mind? Poetry by Gene Myers

Gene Myers lives his passion as a journalist, musician and poet. He started with a deep love of music—writing lyrics in middle school, frustrating his bandmates by neglecting the melody. In high school a friend finally said, "That would be poetry, Gene!" After that realization, Gene fell hard for poetry. Today, Gene is a columnist for the Haiku Society of America, and his poems have been published in journals such as Frogpond Journal and The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Anthology.  Still, music never took a backseat. Gene's column, The Joy of Life, which runs in New Jersey newspapers, features celebrity music interviews that go deeper.  He always looks for melodies to accompany his poetry—even, he said, the most cerebral examples. And he has never stopped singing in the car...