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Spending and your child: The effect of advertising on our youth

By Amanda Hollenbeck “I want, I want, I want.”  Every parent has heard these words ad nauseum. They’ve also heard how and why everything their children have seen on the television or via Youtube is something that they should own. Once children own the item they were yearning for, they usually lose interest in it, and move on to the next thing that they want. What role does advertising play in this dance, and are children more susceptible to advertising than adults Parents want to know how to avoid spending money on things kids only think they want while finding a better kind of currency to help children grow into happier, healthier adults. Research concluded that children who are eight years old or younger as especially vulnerable...

Professionals can help you find a sustainable job by pursuing your passion

How to earn money pursuing your passion

By Tamara Rokicki The traditional nine-to-five job is no longer the only way to earn money.  We live in a time when traditional living is becoming less applicable. Today, having a sustainable job means making a living doing what you love.  People everywhere are discovering that living a full and satisfying life includes doing things that make them happy—hobbies and passions that make them feel alive and well rounded. Many bloggers, Etsy shop owners, and YouTubers own their passions by creating their own little business empire. The Mind Key Project was founded on the belief that everyone is not only entitled to financial freedom through the pursuit of his or her dreams. We also believe that by denying our talents, passions and dreams, we sell ourselves short...

Intimacy and wellness: Your relationship with sex

[caption id="attachment_5499" align="alignright" width="300"] relationships are an interesting dynamic of health, emotion, spirituality, and our perception of the world. Image by JoAnna Schillaci[/caption] Sex affects, and is affected by, our health, our personal belief systems and our relationship with those we love most.  This interplay makes sex not only a pivotal player in any intimate relationship—but also one of the most talked about relationship topics within our society.  At the same time, sexual intimacy is rarely a subject discussed with much depth. This week, The Daily Key strives to break the boundaries of the sex conversation. We are going deeper with discussions on how the relationship with our health, our beliefs, and our cultural upbringing affects our sexuality as individuals, and as a society. To launch the discussion, Ojanae...

February’s Issue–Relationships: from business to love, and everything in between

Social interaction is a basic and essential human connection. Building healthy and productive relationships helps us in every aspect of our lives. What can we do when we can't seem to connect with others on the levels we desire? How do negative connections affect our physical, mental, and emotional well-being? Enter our theme for February -- Relationships. [caption id="attachment_5380" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo Courtesy of Charla Dury[/caption] Relationships come in all shapes and sizes...

Connecting in December with Mind Key – Wrap Up

As 2016 winds down and December ends, we’d like to reflect on the month’s theme of connection. We've spotlighted several people and many services that can help you feel more connected to the world. No matter if it's loved ones, friends or strangers.  We focused on topics that bring deeper meaning to feeling united during a divisive season. We encourage our readers and members to use their unique gifts to inspire and give back to others. [caption id="attachment_5079" align="alignleft" width="200"] Once Upon a Time[/caption] Featured subthemes related to connection have included: trusting one’s intuition and sharing resources to facilitate growth and healing. Mind Key always plays a role, connecting you to services and products. We began the month by announcing the launch of our new Etsy store.  You...

Get organized with Charla Dury

[caption id="attachment_4945" align="alignright" width="142"] Charla Dury[/caption] By Barbara Steingas Charla Dury’s life experiences led her toward clean organization early in her adult life.  Needing to stay afloat financially during challenging times as a teen parent, Charla turned to her mom, who had great organizational skills. Learning through experience provided the ability to see the big picture and create an organizational plan and detailed budget. Charla discovered she was able to get a lot done by implementing the organizational tools she put in place. Her friends and family noticed, too.  They admired what Charla was able to accomplish and she became their go-to person for advice in the area of personal organization and time management. They were so pleased with the results they experienced that that began to refer...

December Issue: Connection

[caption id="attachment_4933" align="alignleft" width="241"] Photo courtesy of JoAnna Schillaci[/caption] This month's theme is connection.  We're going to talk about about how we work together as a community to remain connected--how we connect with others, with those we love, with the world around us. The holidays are a time when we work so hard toward a sense of connection while at the same time often feeling completely disconnected. As your resource for everything health and happiness, Mind Key believes that the idea of connection, whether to each other, to spirit, or to ourselves, is essential. That’s why we’ve devoted this month to spotlighting members of our community that offer resources via products and services that promote all forms of connection. As you peruse this month’s spotlights, utilize your...