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Make the most of December’s astrological vibrations

 By Seshat Ixchel A note to December Hello, December; you are here at last. We have all been dreading but yet waiting for your return. The year came and went while spinning us out of control and taking so much from us. We are drained but yet hopeful. Who would have thought 2017, the year of manifestation and the fire rooster, would be so catastrophic. So many bridges burned. So many collapsed. So many people screamed in agony, but yet we still stand. Our December astrological report, proves that despite the craziness of 2017, we will in fact finish the year on a high vibrational note! There is hope for high spirits this holiday, despite the at-times overwhelming stress of the season. December Supermoon On December 3rd we will...

Allow an attitude of gratitude to be your roadmap this month

By Seshat Ixchel The days grow shorter as they get colder. Everyone is preparing for the holidays. This is a month of gratitude for everything that has transpired throughout the year. As we get closer to finishing the year, reflection starts to set in. What are we truly thankful for? Did we accomplish everything we set out to do this year? As the days get colder our, minds wander to our personal relationships. Are we even happy being around the people in our circles? November's astrological report will offer guidance on how to take the current shifting energies of the universe and turn them your way through the simple act of feeling grateful. Full moon: bringing gratitude for life's unwelcome lessons November 4th is the full moon in...

breaking patterns with Aries energy

Breaking patterns of self-sabotage

By Seshat Ixchel Autumn has arrived! With it comes crisp air, ushering us into Libra season. The time of fairness and love is here. The days get colder and nights shorter while our thoughts are wandering about warmth and partnerships. The month of the bruja (witch) is one of the most revered amongst women and children. Plans of Halloween costumes and parties are underway. Decorations and pumpkin spice is visible anywhere you go. The oranges and reds of the changing leaves ushers in so much beauty it's no wonder so many love fall. Yet, this full moon in the early month of October is bringing so much attention to areas in our lives that must be burned away, breaking patterns and cycles that no longer serve...

August: Yin, Yang, and Retrogrades

The start of August brings us a whirlwind of energy. In a blink of an eye, July came and went. The shift in Leo energy was felt and anticipated by all. Everyone’s egos are up and centered, ready to pounce. Cancer season was an emotional upheaval with many changes in the home front. As we enter Leo season, we are being asked to check our powerful yang energy. Retrogrades and eclipses are here to illuminate us and our actions. We start August with Uranus retrograding in Aries, where it will stay until January. With this said, be sure to watch your temper and your words. Think about your actions. Uranus, the planet of surprises, rapid change, and interconnectedness, is here to remind you of your...