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Hatching seeds: A blueprint for recreating your life experiences

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Spring renewal--the blueprint for recreating your life experiences

Hatching seeds: A blueprint for recreating your life experiences

Today is the first day of spring. With the abundant imagery of seeds bursting forth, things hatching, and leaves unfurling, spring renewal is the perfect time to imagine blossoming into our fullest expression of self.  In her post, “The Blueprint,” business consultant and wellness coach, Rebecca Polan, offers her perspective on how the human blueprint is incredibly similar to that of a seed’s. We can use this understanding and imagery to break free of our own fears and barriers. Then we can become the “we” we dream of becoming.

Spring Renewal: A blueprint

By Rebecca Polan

Seeds are potential plants.  The seed is at the same time a little package of information about what it will become… When you take the element of time away–the seed is also a flower.

Think of your favorite flower, and take a moment to picture how that seed grows hundreds of times its original size to become the flower.  How does it do that? What does the seed need to do to embody its potential?  It mostly just needs to allow nature to move it along–it needs to be.  It needs to take in sustenance in order to expand on what is already there and waiting to be born.  It’s just like us: the things that we have protected ourselves from (our fears as well as any potential successes), the things we have not been ready for, we can allow them to plant roots and let the layers go so we can grow toward the light.


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