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Spirit Animals/Power Animals

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Spirit Animals/Power Animals

Are you seeking an answer to a question? Facing a daunting situation? Remember, you have a Spirit Animal  waiting in the wings to help you through whatever situation you face.

When clients come to me for a Shamanic oracle card reading seeking solutions to their problems and questions, first I guide them to choose a Spirit Animal to help them in their quest. Their Spirit Animal  will possess the traits they will need in the situations they inquire about. I utilize Power Animal Cards to assist clients in their choice, but meditating, observing nature and being aware of your dream time are all ways to find your Spirit Animal.

During my Shamanic Drum Circles, participants find their Spirit Animal through guided meditations accessing the Lower World while listening to drums and sitting by the bonfire. Results can be amazing. One person shared that when she found her Spirit Animal, the eyes were moving funny, in different directions. At that point she thought her Spirit Animal was Marty Feldman until she realized upon closer inspection it was Owl, symbol of intuition and wisdom. The advice to her was to follow her intuition and wisdom about starting her own business, which she has done.

I have many Spirit Animals, some stay with me for the long haul and others pop in here and there to help me in specific situations. During one meditation I met an unlikely Spirit Animal, one I really never had an affinity for or admired. First, I thought I saw Alpaca but upon closer inspection it appeared to be Camel. Camel holds a message of travel – typically of an arduous kind–like a pilgrimage. Embracing the protective qualities of Camel, I refuse to dwell on the pitfalls of the long journey ahead. From a spiritual stand-point, Camel is superior equipped for the long-haul, exhibiting strength, endurance and protection. Aren’t I lucky to have found this Spirit Animal ready to help me.

Once you find your Spirit Animal, your work is not done.  If you wish to continue to enjoy assistance remember you must honor your Spirit Animal.  This helps you grow and gain a deeper connection to them and elicit their guidance.  Many people like showing respect to their totems by placing objects of the same species around their houses or wearing symbols of their Spirit Animals on their bodies (amulets, pendants etc.)

I wear a silver camel around my neck given to me my a dear friend, Dana Bree, a fellow Mind Key member and traveler on my Shamanic journey. I have Camel pictures and descriptions that I read periodically.  I remain constantly open to the appearances of Spirit Animals in my life. I say “Spirit Animals” because Camel is not my only Spirit Animal. I guess you can say I have a whole menagerie of spirits helpers. I see them flying overhead while driving. They pop up in books I’m reading. I dream about them. Some I have felt an affinity for since I was a child. Others I have encountered just after moving to PA. They are part of the army of angels, spiritual guides and helpers I call on when things get tough for me or I need guidance.

So how do you find your Spirit Animal? Love that You Tube. Here’s only one of many meditations available, but the one I like most:
Prefer to go higher tech. There’s a website called Enchanted Forest that not only gives you a unique way to find your helper but also lets you read about them, hear their song and download a picture and PDF about their traits:
Some of you may think you should avoid connecting to your Spirit Animals because you resonate with Guardian Angels. Be aware that Spirit Animals and Guardian Angels work well together, at least for me. Some clients avoid a Shamanic Oracle Card reading because they are afraid of messages from the “earthly” Lower World.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. Source created all things, including Spirit Animals, to help us on a daily basis. The Lower World is not the underworld, just a place where animal helper spirits abound and await our visit.


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