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Putting together your healing puzzle pieces

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Putting together your healing puzzle pieces

            When I was initially diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease about thirty years ago at age twenty-two, I had no idea this was the start of my life’s purpose. Although, it would take me some time, many years in fact, to realize this.  Had I known from the beginning, I would have kept a detailed diary so I could share more of the specifics of what I was going through, the ups and downs, all the things I tried that worked and didn’t work, etc., but I was so ill and just wanting to survive that I didn’t have the energy or where with all to keep a written record.
            However, I remember enough to share the top strategies I used physically, mentally/emotionally & spiritually that I used to put together the foundation of my health puzzle. As a result of these strategies, I was able to transform myself from being a deathly ill person weighing a mere 85 pounds and suffering with severe vaginal-rectal abscesses to a healthy and vibrant 53 year old and find my radiance (health, happiness and joy). I have been off medication approximately fifteen years and feel like a teenager as if I’m aging in reverse like the movie character Benjamin Button. Now I give back by writing books about my transformation, giving talks, doing workshops and being a Radiant Life Coach to help people individually.

In order to optimize our health & vitality and feel radiant we need to take proper care of our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions and our spirit. Our bodies are basically machines, similar to our cars, which need certain fuels to give them energy and run smoothly, efficiently. Some of those fuels include: alkaline liquids like water, oxygen with deep diaphragmatic breathing, proper sleep, real foods without chemicals or much if any processing and supplemental vitamins and minerals. This will help us create health of our body.
The thoughts we think and the emotions we feel create the reality of our experiences. No manual exists unfortunately on how to deal with our emotions or control our thoughts, so we learn by default of observing the people that are around us most and our surrounding environment. Most of the time, we are programmed by the time we have conscious memory of our lives, about the age of three. This is very apparent when we are reacting instead of responding to situations. Also, we are taught to focus on what we don’t want in life and that is exactly why we get more of it. Instead focus on what you do want and how you want to feel, and you will most likely achieve and experience it. This will help us create happiness of our mind and emotions.
We also need to nourish our spirit or soul. To do this we need to connect to something beyond ourselves. Call it God, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides or the Universe. We can tap into it by meditating, praying, giving of ourselves to help others without expectation of receiving in return and following our heart’s desires or bliss. These types of activities give us joy of our spirit. By overcoming the health crisis I experienced and defying what I was told by the traditional medical community who said my condition was incurable I have found my bliss by being able to help others put together the pieces of their healing puzzles and giving back to people around the globe as a radiant life coach.
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Barbara Steingas is an award winning author, inspirational speaker and radiant life coach, helping people to optimize their health and vitality.  She can be found at Steingasbooks.  Barbara is joining Mind Key as a resident columnist, sharing her 21 Tips for Healing.

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