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Start-Ups Fees

We will meet with you, discuss your business plan, and your intention for growth within your business for the future.  During this consult, we will discuss which elements of our communication services package are best for you—how often you should post on your blog, the kind of content you want on your blog, how much content you will provide, and how much we need to create for you, the basic format and structure of your newsletter, your social media sites, including setting up our team to run them, the kind of posts you want disseminated on your social media, as well as our thoughts on how to make this work best for you. For businesses looking for us to create the lion’s share of their content, start up fees will also include building an editorial team to create and maintain your online body of work. We will discuss your vision for your business and blog, and will discuss the need to create a new blog if you do not currently have one, or to adjust your existing blog to meet your growing needs.



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