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Rock your year with Taraleigh Weathers

$75.00 $70.00

Start 2017 off right!

In The Daily Key, Taraleigh Weathers offers five great tips for manifesting everything you want this coming year. She offers in depth support in these tips, and a lot of guidance through Rock Your Year–a three week course offering everything you need to create your most magical year yet. It starts early this January.

Taraleigh says:

2016 was a tough year. It knocked my sweet ass off my unicorn and just when I got the strength to get back in the saddle, it knocked me off harder. Even with all the sadness I felt and the losses I experienced, it was also one of my most magical years to date. How did I find magic in the darkness? My support system embraced me when I was down and showed me the light!

Rock Your Year is a three week course that gives you everything you need to create your most magical year yet and it’s starting early this January.

You will declare an intention that you want to manifest in 2017, create an action plan to implement it and receive all the tools and support required to achieve it.

  • 3 weekly interactive coaching calls led by me on Tuesdays at 12pm est                                                            (all recorded if you can’t attend live)
  • 3 weekly video emails chock full of action steps, fun teachings and more
  • Private Facebook group

Sign up today and get a discount for purchasing all three weeks in full.


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