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Power is neutral: How perspective changes perception

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Power is neutral: How perspective changes perception

by Kathleen Santora

Saka’s message shows us that power is neutral and how  perspective can change perception.

In this channeled lesson, Saka explains how to shift your perspective on why uncomfortable situations occur. Through his words, we can reclaim our power and use that power for the greater good.

When negative things happen, it isn’t always a result of negativity. Instead, it is often a result of how we direct our power. And our power is inherently neutral.

In this message, Saka is explaining what we think causes illness or negative acts. He goes on to explain how we feel pain and how that causes us to think we have an illness. He instructs us on what is happening but also why and how to recognize what goes on within us. Saka tells us to first recognize the negative shift in our energetic field. But beyond this, he advises us on what to do to correct our perceptions.

Saka’s Message

“When we turn away from our perfection, forgetting who we really are, our power within has not been ceased, it has only been forgotten. Turning the use of it towards illness and other negative uses is still a validation of how much power we have. The uncomfortable and what we believe are painful results, are not of the illness or the negative act (they are all illusions and not real).  It is the uncomfortable use of one’s power and projecting a vibrational negative shift within one’s own energetic field, causing the spirit mind to react. Telling oneself to remember one’s holiness and perfection, remembering truth within, causing a universal connection of healing.”


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