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Facing fear: Inviting the universe to help

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A positive outlook overrides fearfulness and allows you to embrace your curiosity and sense of courage
Embrace fearlessness by including more positivity and light in your day.

Facing fear: Inviting the universe to help

By Kathleen Santora

A positive outlook overrides fearfulness

A positive outlook overrides fearfulness and lets you be more open to joy rather than to anxiety or anger—the siblings of fear. In fact, bringing light into any situation, particularly one in which you find yourself most afraid, invites the universe to step in and help.


Do not walk away or ignore things that appear to be wrong with your life, but turn and face those things that bring fear and turn and look at oneself. It is only your own fears that we run from. Do not run, but meet yourself with light in your heart and you can conquer all your obstacles.

Strength is not gathered from forgiving. Strength is gathered when you can go to a place beyond forgiveness. It is the universe’s job to forgive. It is our place to bring the situation to the universe, the place beyond forgiveness, and allow them to show me the situation in a different way that my inner sight changes, which allows all things, including forgiveness, to happen. That will be where your strength is, to see a whole different light.  

All your earthly games are just that—fools play. Look not with your earthly eyes, look with your spiritual eyes, returning toward home. When you return to total and complete love when nothing else exists within you, then and only then will your mission be complete. We are with you.


Kathleen Santora regularly receives channeled messages from her eternal teacher whom she calls Saka.  Her first book, Thoughts to Awaken the Spirit, is a collection of these meditations. Each month, we will share another channeled lesson from Saka with you.

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