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Make your business heard

Communication is key... Mind Key

Communication is key… Mind Key

All businesses need ways to communicate with established and potential clients. You work hard at the service you provide, but it takes time to maintain an online presence, something so essential to building and maintaining customers in today’s web-centric business environment. Mind Key offers Communication Maintenance services that will keep you connected to your customers, making sure that they see the content and information you want them to see.

Building and maintaining a blog takes time, but it is by far one of the most accessible and powerful virtual additions to your business.  Having a blog provides the one thing that all search engines seek–continually updated content.  Regular content places your website higher in the search rankings and ensures regular hits–which means more eyes on your site, and that translates into more clients or sales.  

Do you struggle to create engaging Facebook posts?  If you don’t have a blog, you are putting a lot of energy into creating content that will be read and forgotten as it falls away in their newsfeed.  With a blog, we create engaging social media posts with links that bring readers exactly where you want them– to your website.  Still aren’t convinced that a blog is the way to go?  We’ll still maintain your social media accounts, creating regular posts that bring you higher up your fans’ newsfeeds. We’ll also do the same for calendar events and more.  

Finally, a newsletter is the crowning glory of any virtual platform.  You need your clients to see you regularly in their inboxes.  Even if they don’t open the email (but we promise they’ll want to), they’ll be reminded of you every time you send a newsletter. When they’re ready for you, they’ll know how to find you–in their inbox every week.

The beauty of working with Mind Key for these services is that we know what it means to have a business you love and work hard to build and maintain.  We believe that everyone not only deserves to do what they love for a living, but that it is our spirit-given right to find joy in our daily lives, to have that joy sustain us in all ways and to share those talents and passions to help others.  That’s why, although there are other companies that provide similar services, we believe we are more than just a service. We can be a member of your team and someone who believes in you, working for the same end result through our work with you.

Purchase our services separately, or together for a significant discount–they make a great gift for yourself, or for someone you love who needs help building and maintaining a business they love.

Below is a run-down of our services, and how they can help you. We can create a custom package, specifically for you, so consider these jumping-off points for creating the services your business needs most. Click on the links to learn more, or email danielle@ with any questions.  Sign up and pay for any service prior to January 1st, and receive a 25% discount as our way of saying thank you this holiday season!

Blog maintenance

A blog is the best way to provide new content needed to boost your webpage to the top of search results, and continue to bring people back to your website. With this service, you provide the content, and we create a beautiful blog that posts an average of three times per week.

Blog content
For those that don’t write or have the time to write, we create one post per week consisting of articles written and edited in journalistic magazine style with sources and original artwork. Already a writer? If your work is publication-ready, our team can provide the final copyediting and formatting with up to 50% off our standard rate. (Double the amount of articles for an additional $125/month, or triple the content for an additional $200/month.)

Social media sites can help your business thrive

Social media sites can help your business thrive

Weekly newsletters

We work your content into an easy-to-read, visually pleasing, weekly newsletter you can send to your entire mailing list. Sign up for a blog maintenance package or our full communication services, and the rate for this service can drop by as much as 50%!

Social media maintenance

We will maintain up to three social media pages, with a report on your social media hits, an evaluation of our work on your sites, and a monthly meeting with you.

Is your business calendar up to date?

Is your business calendar up to date?

Calendar maintenance

We update your business’ events online and also create Facebook events for added exposure. We can also disseminate those events to your local print and online publications and calendars.

The Ultimate Communication Services Package

This package includes all of the above services wrapped into one.  All-in-all, this package offers the best value with more than $250 worth of savings per month for all of your communication needs!

One-time start-up consult (required for most services)

We will meet with you and discuss your business and growth plans.  Together, we will determine which elements of our communication services package are best for you, create an editorial calendar and set-up up a team to run it, while adapting your your online exposure to meet your growing needs. This service also includes any technical set-up/support needed to make this happen!



Danielle Rose
Founder, Mind Key

I help people follow their dreams! As the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Mind Key, Danielle has the skills and abilities to help you grow in your chosen career, or to launch the business of your dreams to the next level.


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