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Meditation for peace and gratitude

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Peace and gratitude
Peace and gratitude for knowing that we are always connected to Spirit and those we love.

Meditation for peace and gratitude

By Kathleen Santora

I received this meditation for peace and gratitude after I was in a major car accident many years ago.  While meditating to heal myself, I saw my friends in Lilydale, all sitting in a circle and sending me light and healing, this was what was given to me. I hope it helps regenerate you as well.


Peace and Gratitude Meditation


Someone has prayed for me

My brother has taken to a place in the heavens

Where I could not have gone alone

My brother has taken my soul in his heart

And held it there in gentle loving light

Returning it to me in healing

He has shown me the purest love

Has given me the purest of light

In that returned my spirit to me in perfection

In honor

I return all love

All light

In spiritual gratitude

To fly with him shining through the universe


For my friends at Lilydale
~From Thoughts to Awaken the Spirit


Kathleen received this prayer from Saka, her spiritual eternal teacher.

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