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Discover the energy of the masculine, the feminine, yin and yang in August’s issue

Mind KEY / Energy  / Discover the energy of the masculine, the feminine, yin and yang in August’s issue
Cosmic Energy by Kerstin Zettmar

Discover the energy of the masculine, the feminine, yin and yang in August’s issue

By Lizbeth Fabian

Mind Key welcomes August as the month of Yin and Yang and all things Masculine and Feminine. Masculine and feminine energy infuses and imbibes all we do. Our relationships, our career, and even in the food we eat are influenced by it. Certain languages define words as “masculine” and “feminine.”.  Therefore, these energies run through all aspects of our existence—whether the thing in question is male, female, or neither.


The role masculine and feminine energy plays


Everywhere in the world today, the roles of masculine and feminine dominate relationships, the workplace, home, and even everyday decisions. While these terms are not solely based on gender or sex itself, the Masculine and Feminine is deeply rooted in a person’s energy—the way they feel or behave.


The special thing about the energy of yin and yang, or it’s gendered counterparts, is that everyone has a bit of both energies embedded in them. Whether male or female, a person contains a characteristic of it’s opposite sex, keeping a balance within one’s self. So our articles this month will give the information you need for balance, and more!


What you can expect


This issue’s articles touch on topics such as the perspective of gender roles in the workplace and at home, the truth about stay-at-home fathers, the yin and yang of food, and ways to improve your sex drive.  Plus, starting this month, we’re introducing a new monthly installment… astrological reports!



Tune in as we expand on the inner workings of Yin and Yang, and explore the balance between the Masculine and Feminine.


Lizbeth Fabian

Hi there, I'm Liz. I'm a writer and editing intern with Mind Key. Born and raised in a big city, I grew up surrounded by many different cultures, people, and learned about different forms of art. Thanks to that, I have big dreams I'm ready to fulfill. Currently, I'm finishing up my B.A. at William Paterson University and looking for a great Graduate program to further my education.

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