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Newsletter Services


Newsletters are the number one way people remember your service.  Even if they don’t have time to read the content (although with our newsletters, they will want to make the time!), seeing your name in their inbox each week reminds them of who you are, and reminds them to reach out when they’re ready for their next appointment or product. We will massage your content into an easy-to-read, visually pleasing weekly newsletter to send to your entire list.  We also maintain your list, adding contacts as you send them to us. Sign up for a blog maintenance package or our full communication services, and the rate for this service can drop by as much as 50%!

Please note that the purchase of this item constitutes the set-up fees for the product, equal to your monthly payment. Upon completion of your purchase, we will contact you to set up your service, and you will be invoiced monthly.



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