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Are you struggling with your health and happiness?

Are you tired of running from doctor to doctor, building bills and stress and not finding any relief?  What do you do when traditional medicine ceases to help? Are you interested in alternative health options, but aren’t sure where to begin determining which modality is right for you?


We have the alternative health solution 

Take the guesswork out of your health!

A healing consult with Danielle Rose offers a unique opportunity to get advice on manageable life changes you can make toward a healthy and happy life. Discover your biggest roadblocks to health, and to sustaining optimal health. Discover suggestions that fit your personality, body and lifestyle. Danielle also offers information and guidance on different health modalities. Get recommendations for vetted practitioners—ones who can actually help you attain the health goals you’re seeking.  


That means no more fruitless searching for the right health modality, or the right practitioner for you. Danielle’s grasp on individual personalities and needs allows her to match the right healing modality for your health concern and lifestyle. She also suggests practitioners that have the certifications, references and skill set you need to get better.


Sustainable and affordable

A discovery consult with Danielle is an affordable and sustainable pathway to health. If you’re tired of running around to different offices, fighting with insurance companies, and feeling like you’re at a dead end with your health care options, you won’t be disappointed with your healing experience. Plus, many of our practitioners offer special rates available only to Mind Key clients. That’s like money in your pocket!


Let’s get started!

Visit or contact to learn more about this unique opportunity and to get started with your discovery consult today.


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