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May is for Manifestation – Bring on the Positivty

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Bring what you want into your life. Photo Courtesy of Amanda Hollenbeck

May is for Manifestation – Bring on the Positivty

If you look up the term manifestation in the dictionary, the definition that most resembles what we’re talking about this month is: “an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.”

Manifestation within your life can mean something as simple as finding a twenty dollar bill on your afternoon walk when you need money.  Something as complex as calling a new relationship into your life.   Even balance can manifest itself in your life.

Positivity is a powerful tool and the basis of positive manifestation.  When you believe you can have something and invite it into your life, there’s a chance that you can manifest it.  Conversely, negativity and self effacing thoughts can force what you purport to want away from you.


Mind Key Update

Mind Key is running on a skeleton crew at the moment due to unforeseen circumstances. In the spirit of the month, we believe that Mind Key is worth success.  We as people are worth all the positivity that we have gathered and will continue to gather.

What are you manifesting?

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