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Living on Reiki Time – Nonlinear Time

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Living on Reiki Time – Nonlinear Time

It was Reiki that introduced me to the concept that time is not linear, or as I like to call it, Reiki time.

I started to allow for the possibility that time is actually a continuum when I was introduced to the distance healing concept of Reiki Level Two.  I tell my clients that Reiki Healing knows no time, space or distance. The time continuum represents a continuous flow of energy. It contains all the events that have ever happened, are happening in this moment, or will ever happen. I fervently believe this concept, but really never expected that I would experience it physically.  Being spiritual, I am able to believe without physical proof. Little did I know I would actually experience nonlinear time during a healing with a client.

I am blessed that the higher consciousness I tapped into during this healing, let me feel it so strongly.

Reiki energy work can be a transformative experience.

This client came periodically for energy work.  When we ended, she always hugged me and said how much better she felt.  During one session, as I was moving my hands around her body envisioning the Reiki symbols, I felt an electric shock go through my hands and into her hip.  That has happened before with other clients, so I was not entirely surprised.  I knew she also felt it, as she let out a low groan. I checked to see if she was OK, and then proceeded down her left leg.  As my hands hovered over her left ankle, I felt warm liquid running over my hands.  There was no liquid, but I somehow knew it was blood.  I almost “saw” the color, but she wasn’t bleeding.  “So strange,” I thought.

I continued on and completed the session.  I had wanted to speak with her about what happened and asked if she had ever injured her left hip.  She said no.  It was then I knew that what we experienced was a healing of a future injury or perhaps better yet, an avoidance of a future accident.  Whatever happened, the effect was palpable for both of us.

During my Reiki sessions with clients, I have experienced many wondrous things, not the least of which was this experience of nonlinear time.  As strange as this may seem, it might be one explanation for past life memory, as well as how and why some healers are tapping into Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian and Biblical healing techniques and systems.  As healers raise their vibration and release their fears of the unknown and travel into these other dimensions or planes of consciousness, they tap into the time continuum.  I’m ready.  Are you?
Reiki Ruth, also a Mind Key member, teaches Reiki and can pass attunements to students.  There are even online courses. Although I do not endorse online courses in this work, my own website, provides a distillation of information from diverse sources.  Research and assess if you are ready to start a journey.  I promise it will be rewarding.

Vera Remes


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