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July’s Wrap-up on Manifestation

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Photo by Carlie Currier

July’s Wrap-up on Manifestation

Hello! Mind Key’s month of Manifestation has come to an end and that means… it’s time for a wrap-up!


This July, our writers at Mind Key have explored a variety topics on Manifesting. Advice was shared on manifesting the things (and even people) you most desire into your life, excellent services were offered, and you might’ve walk away with a new, hopefully positive, mindset!


Vera Remes started us off with a great article that explains the science of manifestation, also known as the Law of Attraction. She takes us deep into how Quantum Therapy best supports our ability to get the things we want. 


If you’re not too into the science talk, no worries! We also have an article by Lizbeth Fabian that explains how meditation can positively change your mindset. Simple, right?


Manifestation also has much to do with relationships. Whether it’s changing your current relationships with your true power, or learning how to manifest the perfect partner for you, this advice can change the way you develop any relationship.


Please stick around for our theme in August, the inner workings of the masculine and feminine!

Lizbeth Fabian

Hi there, I'm Liz. I'm a writer and editing intern with Mind Key. Born and raised in a big city, I grew up surrounded by many different cultures, people, and learned about different forms of art. Thanks to that, I have big dreams I'm ready to fulfill. Currently, I'm finishing up my B.A. at William Paterson University and looking for a great Graduate program to further my education.

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