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Learning to focus on that which best serves

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inward focus is key; outward focus is the door
Let's practice inward and outward focus this month! Photo by L U C R E A T I V E on Unsplash.

Learning to focus on that which best serves

New life and reflection

Spring is a beautiful time of growth, inward focus, new life, and reflection. There’s a reason we often participate in spring cleaning—the harsh winter is behind us. With the sun and sprouting life, comes the desire for a fresh, clean start. With this new start, we allow ourselves the optimum opportunity and setting to enjoy the welcomed season.

Spring also allows us to reflect on so many areas of our life. If we are wise, we can use this time to look inward and do a self-spring clean. We can rid ourselves of the habits, attitudes, and relationships that are as harsh or unwelcome as the desolation of winter. By turning our focus to the important and beautiful things in life, we can naturally complete a spring cleaning. This spring cleaning will then leave only positive thoughts, people, and experiences.


Inward focus, outward changes

When one thinks of focus, they may initially think of being told to focus in school or willing yourself to have laser focus when completing a task that needs your full attention. What you may find though, is that focus can be a powerful tool to manifesting your greatest desires and serving as the vehicle on which you solve some troublesome situations.

As we learned last month in our issue, EXPLORING THE EGO, though, focusing inward is important. However, inward focus is not the be all, end all. In fact, by turning our focus outward, we may better be able to identify moments of need. By understanding the outside, we can better understand moments where we might bring something useful to the world around us.

In this month’s issue, FOCUS, we will share articles on how to hone in on the things that most need our attention. We will delve into the art of focusing on what you want, and therefore what you don’t. We will also discuss the importance of focus in our professional and family life. Whether you want to further focus on your finances, practice focus on your relationships, or understand how multitasking can help or hinder your mental health, refocusing can help. Let’s get to work on that inward focus and get you back on track as you ride the high of the Spring energy coming your way!

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