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Getting a handle on your ego

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Exploring Ego and understanding who you are is essential to personal growth. Image by JoAnna Schillaci.

Getting a handle on your ego

By Libby Reilly

During the month of March, we spent time exploring ego, learning to better understand and accommodate our egos. This exploration into the ego has allowed us to better analyze our relationship with others, our relationship with ourselves, and the important— and sometimes ornery— role ego plays in our lives. Do you have a handle on your ego or is it running your life?

Learn more about the ego, how it works in our lives, and how we can use it to our benefit, rather than our detriment, in our feature story entitled Who are you? A look at Ego and Personality Development.

Check out our other great ego-driven stories this month, as well.


God Job

In this article, Vera Remes talks about our “God job,” a calling so strong, it has to be divine. By learning to identify and focus on our God jobs, we can find our true passions and purpose in our career and other roles. What are your God jobs? How do you find it and cultivate them to make the most difference in your life and the lives of those around you? You can read all about it in What is Your God Job?


Find Your Tribe

Who is in your inner circle? The first in a six-part series, Theresa Birmingham digs into what it takes to build a tribe worth having, a positive light for everyone involved. Long are the days when you could stumble into friendships on the playground or at the toy store; as an adult, building a quality group of friends can seem daunting and nearly impossible. This article gives practical advice, exploring where and how to make friends that turn into an irreplaceable tribe.


Letting go of the ego

Carl Jung tells us that we spend the first half of our life building a healthy ego, and the second half learning to let it go. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to offer some healthy (and easy) ways to begin letting go of those pesky limitations built on fear (didn’t read our feature yet? Please do… If this doesn’t make sense, it will!). Check out how breathing and yoga can help you let go of the ego and find peace, how to soften your ego so you can experience your partner’s point of view, as well as tips for traveling with less baggage—whether out of country, or throughout life. If you’re a parent, we have tools to help you help your children build healthy egos that will serve them for years to come.


Up next on The Daily Key

In the month of April, we will take a leap into all things focus. Focusing on the right things can make all the difference in your life, and we will look at some important things to fix our focus on, and the things we should let fade into the background.

Libby Reilly

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