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Get organized with Charla Dury

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Get organized with Charla Dury

Charla Dury

Charla Dury

By Barbara Steingas
Charla Dury’s life experiences led her toward clean organization early in her adult life.  Needing to stay afloat financially during challenging times as a teen parent, Charla turned to her mom, who had great organizational skills. Learning through experience provided the ability to see the big picture and create an organizational plan and detailed budget.

Charla discovered she was able to get a lot done by implementing the organizational tools she put in place. Her friends and family noticed, too.  They admired what Charla was able to accomplish and she became their go-to person for advice in the area of personal organization and time management. They were so pleased with the results they experienced that that began to refer their friends and coworkers. Charla has helped clients all across North America, from Rhode Island to northern California, Lethbridge, AB (Canada) and many points in between.

Smash your organizational roadblock Photo courtesy of

Smash your organizational roadblock
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In her own words, Charla helps people “identify and smash their organizational challenges and time management roadblocks.”

An organizational consult with her can help you decipher your priorities, schedule your time effectively, discover opportunities to streamline your process and find an organization system that’s right for you. Consultations can be conducted via phone, FaceTime, Skype or in person in the Denver Metro area. Continued correspondence via email helps clients achieve their goals.

During the initial organizational consultation, Charla sends a questionnaire which assists her to identify where the client needs help and formulates strategies This process requires that her client be as honest as possible with themselves to answer the questions accurately and without judgment.  Charla also uses her intuitive skills to read between the lines of what he clients are saying. Sometimes it’s what is not said that can give insight into a client’s situation and provide the hidden key to their organizational mystery.

Many people strive to make a fresh start at the beginning of the year, and an organizational consult can help clear the cobwebs of 2016. If you need organizational assistance in your finances, business, household, or time management, then Charla is the consultant you want to have on your side.  She can help  lead you step by step out of the chaos and on the path to achieving your goals.

Focus and clarity are key Photo courtesy of

Focus and clarity are key
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Not only that, but an organizational consult or package would be a great gift to treat yourself or to give to help loved ones focus on themselves, whether that is a college student struggling to keep up with work and extracurricular activities, a friend launching her own business, or a parent struggling to maintain the constant chore of life, bills, and family.


Charla believes the gift of focus and clarity can be the greatest gift toward reaching goals that seem out of reach, and discovering your happiest, healthiest self. Gift certificates for Charla’s services can be delivered via email, ready for printing, or can be sent directly to your loved one.  Visit the Mind Key Store today to make your purchase  in time for the holidays, and give yourself or someone you love the gift that connects all of your life in one simply organized package.






Charla has been an indispensible member of the Mind Key team.  Her organizational consults and maintenance has allowed me to focus on my strengths, and stop worrying about elements of my business that can run on their own.  This has freed up so much time that we were finally able to bring our services and our business to the next level.  I don’t know where I would have been without her help.  Probably still floundering as a business owner… instead I feel confident and strong… attributes I always knew I had, but had been buried under the organizational mountain I was unable to move before Charla stepped in to help!  Thank you!

~Danielle Rose, founder and CEO of The Mind Key Project

Barbara Steingas


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