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Exercise: It’s not just movement, it’s vibration

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Exercise: It’s not just movement, it’s vibration

Ian Rose–Mind Key intern and Senior at the University of Rhode Island

Vibrations are a complex phenomenon that cannot be easily defined. When giving or receiving  positive vibrations, you’ll certainly know. The same is true with negative energy. Much debate focuses on how one can improve these energies and cultivate positive vibrations into the greater world. Physical activity in the natural world is directly linked to the raising and tempering of our vibrational frequency, which makes raising your vibration with sports a great option for those who want to cultivate good vibes in a very real and comfortable way.

Starting with the simple things, the ones that bring you the most enjoyment, is the easiest path to expressing positive vibes. For many, the best way to begin this process is through physical and mental stimulation in a natural surrounding– for me, that means surfing.

Raising your vibration with sports

Through general team sports and other alternative activities, such as surfing, one can improve their spiritual, mental and physical well-being, thereby expressing the personal growth as positive vibrations for others.  While the idea itself may not seem new or groundbreaking, it is a simple fact of life that is often overlooked. By participating in such activities, one greatly improves the quality of their own life and thereby give off the positive energies to those around them.

This article by Healthline explains the mental benefits of physical activity, “Whether you are playing sports, working out at a gym, or taking a brisk walk, physical activity triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. Team sports in particular provide a chance to unwind and engage in a satisfying challenge that improves your fitness.”

Surfing is one example of such physical activity that has innumerable benefits. Waiting between waves and sets teaches a level of patience. It also allows you to truly examine your place while existing as nothing more than a speck in the ocean. Every time the waves are large enough to shock you out of your comfort zone, further growth and confidence is established. Further lessons include humility in the face of an all-powerful ocean and appreciation for the moments when all of the conditions are just right. Equally important are the lessons learned from team activities, which can develop communication, empathy and reduce overall stress.

Physical activity to support spiritual and mental growth

Vibrations dictate how a situation is perceived and how life affects us in any given situation. While many people continually struggle with understanding this somewhat abstract function of their lives, they remain unsure how to make meaningful change. However, when focusing on the simple things that bring you the most enjoyment, i.e. surfing or any other activity taking place in a natural environment, growth seems to come naturally. With growth comes increased understanding and feelings towards the people and things around you. It is at this point that one’s vibrations should emulate their positive disposition and mindset.

Are you curious what your physical sweet-spot is? Are you interested in raising your vibration in the natural world but don’t know where to start? A discovery consult with Danielle Rose can help you discover the missing pieces to your life’s puzzle so you can take charge of your life, your health and your happiness.  Mention this article when you contact Danielle at and get a ten percent discount off a mini-consult or 25% off a full multi-session discovery consult today.

Ian Rose

My name is Ian Rose and I am a senior business student at URI. I am happy to have been brought to on to Mind Key as an intern. I expect to develop many valuable skills in my brief but valuable time here.

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