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Past Life Memories via Hypnosis

Mind KEY / Past Life Memories via Hypnosis

Past Life Memories via Hypnosis

October 28, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Zettmar Studio, 2nd floor of Newport Congregational Church
73 Pelham St
Newport RI
$30 ($100 for private session)
Kerstin Zettmar

One of the best techniques for recalling past life memories involves utilizing a facilitator to go into a deeply relaxed state, also known as a hypnosis; the entire process is referred to as past life regression. Past life regression allows a person to travel back through time to discover the roots of intense relationships, problems, attitudes, skill sets, or other typical patterns that are currently influencing this present life. Depending on the person, the experience can differ, some have very vivid and emotional recollections, while others may not experience much imagery, but may come away with a more intuitive understanding.

Regression, done correctly can provide the answers to why you are here, the cause of different struggles in life, and can also connect you with a talent or skill you once had.

  • Choosing to explore your past lives can help to:
  • Unlock hidden talents
  • Create more compassion for yourself and others
  • Greater sense of inner peace and self-acceptance
  • Reveal your life’s purpose
  • Overcome fear of death
  • Develop your truest potential

Facilitator: Kerstin Zettmar, trained by Dr. Brian Weiss.                                                                                                          Please call, or e-mail, to register.

Ian Rose

My name is Ian Rose and I am a senior business student at URI. I am happy to have been brought to on to Mind Key as an intern. I expect to develop many valuable skills in my brief but valuable time here.