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Enjoy Life— Don’t Cling to it or Push it Away

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Learn to enjoy what each moment has to offer Michelle Brook

Enjoy Life— Don’t Cling to it or Push it Away

INTRO: One woman stepped onto a paddleboard for the first time and returned to dry land with a fresh perspective on how to enjoy life, embrace the moment, and see life through waves of gratitude.

By Michelle Brook

Trying yoga on a paddleboard has been on my bucket list for years! I finally had the opportunity to join Melissa Bee from Country Flow Yoga for a class on the Monksville Reservoir in West Milford, New Jersey. I never knew that Warrior II pose could be so challenging when done on the water. My mouth was agape as I watched other people doing headstands on the water. One of the most memorable moments was simply laying on my back, watching a cloud that was shaped like a cross-legged meditator fade away before my eyes.

Embracing the current season

This experience has brought me to the idea of really embracing and enjoying all that life offers. It is easy to do when we are in a purely happy experience, but we can’t cling to those. We enjoy and let them pass.

My oldest child is now at college; if I cling to the past and mourn the ‘loss’ of the little boy, I will suffer. I choose to embrace this season with love and gratitude that he is capable of leaving home and beginning his higher education.

Taking the leap to our heart

In the same way, we can’t just push away negative emotions and thoughts. When I was making the journey to drop my son off at college and had the feeling that I could start crying,, instead I just noticed what that really felt like.  What sensations arose in my body and mind? I mentally embraced those thoughts and sensations, acknowledged them and let them go.

As we transition to the fall season and all that brings, I gently suggest that you don’t cling to the summer.  Be grateful for all the wonderful experiences that you had. Let’s not push away winter– perhaps you can try something new this year: skiing, hiking,  or yoga.

Embrace more yoga with Michelle

I teach yoga to kids and families at Highland Yoga in Butler, KozYoga in Ringwood and Bloom Yoga in Fair Lawn, NJ. Your first class at Highland is free if you have never been there–come and try something new.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about these offerings, or visit my Website or Facebook Page.

Om Shanti– Universal Peace,

Michelle Brook

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