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It’s about creating time, not making time

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Image provided by Joseph Gonzalez

It’s about creating time, not making time

By Joseph Gonzalez


Life can be easier when taking things one step at a time. But sometimes, we tend to bite off more than we can chew, and this can get in the way of doing what we love. Most of us tend to have busy lives, and it could be difficult to do what we love amid that chaos. Despite this, it’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s not a matter of finding time, it’s about creating time.

It’s normal to realize you won’t be able to get to what you love to do immediately. That screenplay you’ve been wanting to write could be perpetually on the shelf because of your job, spouse, kids, and other engagements. It could be months before you are able to get to even scratch the surface on it. Despite all this, you should remind yourself that there are many ways get to what you love to do, without having to sacrifice any of your responsibilities.


You’re Not in This Alone


Remember, you don’t have to go through this process by yourself. The Continuous Practice program, helps you make time and space to create. Saundra Goldman, the one behind the program, recognizes that some people will have a difficult time trying to do what they love in the middle of their busy lives. Continuous Practice can help you find that time while still being able to live your life. This plan also involves you in a community where you can post your practice’s online for others to see, and you can see others post what they love to do as well. This acts as a source of inspiration, motivation and accountability.


Set Your Goal


This process requires you to set a goal for yourself. Goldman wants you to choose what you would love to do, and then set a number of consecutive days in which you will make time to do it. This helps you integrate your passion into a habit and an essential part of your day. Saundra herself says she sets the goal at a hundred days, though she recommends setting it lower if that feels too intimidating. She stresses that the amount of days is all about determination; a hundred days may seem like a lot at first, but it’ll seem like nothing once you get into the swing of things. Also, through Continuous Practice and other support, you have a whole group of people that are in it with you so that you know that you’re not in this alone.


But let’s say you’re not a fan of sharing your journey with others, and you want to ride solo. Another method you could try is using the Mind Rooms guide. Author, Jeffrey Davis, encourages those who say they have “tried it all” to pick up this guide.  


Mind Rooms is a guidebook which includes an easy seven-step process on how to organize your tasks, along with inspiring ways to schedule your days the right way. Davis had developed his own system when he realized others weren’t working, and has tried it with best-selling authors, artists, and entrepreneurs with successful results.


Finding time is easier than you think


Sometimes, creating time could be as simple as taking a break amidst the craziness of your life. Though it could seem like a waste of time at some points, it can be more productive than you think. Things like a cup of coffee, a healthy snack, or a simple diversion to a different project can help you get back on track. It could be easier to burn out if you stay focused on the same thing for too long without a detour.


Life is what you make it. There will always be circumstances you can’t control, and it’s up to us to figure out how to combat them. You’re going to have days where you feel like you didn’t get to what you wanted to do, and that’s fine. Just remember to set your own pace.

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