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CBD Oil and Farming–A new wave of cannabis-inspired agriculture

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industrial hemp farming and industrial cannabis are changing the landscape of American cannabis
Industrial hemp farming is changing the way we view the cannabis Image courtesy of Unsplash/Rick Proctor

CBD Oil and Farming–A new wave of cannabis-inspired agriculture

by Daniel Downing

Marijuana isn’t just for smoking anymore. With industrial cannabis on the rise, it is time to better understand industrial hemp uses. The decision to buy industrial hemp and industrial cannabis affects US farming. Industrial Hemp Farming promises to play a big role in the future of the cannabis industry. The Hemp Industries Association, a membership-based non-profit trade group, whose purpose is to educate the market and advance the hemp economy is one such resource for understanding the changing cannabis laws. Still, the legality of cannabis can be tricky. In this article, Mind Key has tried to distill new and existing laws to better understand the industrial hemp plant as a whole. Here is what we currently know about what we can and cannot do with cannabis in America as of right now. 


Industrial Hemp Farming

Materials made from the cannabis plant are okay to be sold, because they don’t fall under the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) definition of marijuana. Just because a substance has traces of cannabinoid in it doesn’t mean that it violates the rules of the CSA.

This means that any industrial cannabis product that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) deems outside of the CSA is okay to come in the country. This applies to exports pertaining to products such as industrial hemp seeds. This is good news for those who want to buy industrial hemp products.

This idea builds upon the 2014 Farm Bill Section 7606. This bill was meant to encourage farmers to grow industrial hemp farming products as long they are registered and comply with state rules. The overall golden rule is that these products can’t have THC levels that exceed over 0.3%.


Today’s industrial cannabis vs. traditional marijuana

The reason industrial hemp products can be legal is that they don’t fall into CSA’s definition of marijuana. This mainly means that the products have a THC level of less or equal to 0.3%. The industrial hemp uses are endless, as long as they’re under 0.3% THC.

What does this mean for us consumers of the hemp industries association?

People who want to buy CBD products, and farmers who wish to grow these industrial hemp products should be able to,  as industrial hemp farming is now legal in many US states. This could lead to more people becoming more comfortable with cannabis, which will lead the nation to grow more accepting of the industrial hemp plant.

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