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Relationship with Self

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It’s about creating time, not making time

By Joseph Gonzalez   Life can be easier when taking things one step at a time. But sometimes, we tend to bite off more than we can chew, and this can get in the way of doing what we love. Most of us tend to have busy lives, and it could be difficult to do what we love amid that chaos. Despite this, it’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s not a matter of finding time, it’s about creating time. It’s normal to realize you won’t be able to get to what you love to do immediately. That screenplay you’ve been wanting to write could be perpetually on the shelf because of your job, spouse, kids, and other engagements. It could be months before you are able...

Tips for battling anxiety and negative self talk

By Maria Reyes Our thoughts are very powerful.  “Thoughts become things,” according to Mike Dooley, New York Times Bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur in the philosophical New Thought movement.  What we believe, we conceive.  Negative self-talk come from scripts or beliefs that we heard when we were growing up from teachers, parents, peers and society in general.  Not only that, but is the number one factor that undermines the process of manifestation and makes bringing the peace, ease and adventure we seek so difficult.   Mistaken beliefs and negative self talk Mistaken beliefs are the root of anxiety and keep us from reaching our goals in life.  We need to let go of these false beliefs, and by practicing the exercises below, we can battle anxiety and have less stress...

Gait TRC: Therapeutic Riding

As my law practice wined down in the years leading up to retirement, I spent money and lots of effort getting certified as a therapeutic riding instructor with PATH International. Retirement seemed a good time for me to give back and meld my love of teaching special needs students. Teaching is something I had done for 11 years, but my love of horses, I have always had. While I was teaching, I often took one or two amenable students to my barn with me on the weekend, not to ride but mostly to clean or just have fun. Horses touched my students in a variety of ways—encouraging speech, eliciting emotions, controlling aggression. However, it wasn’t until after retirement that I realized how powerful a tool therapeutic...

Can you bring anything into being? The Law of Attraction says you can!

By Vera Remes   Manifestation, also referred to as the Law of Attraction—the simple definition in spiritual terms is “if I think it, it will be.”  If I could prove to you that manifestation really works, then would you believe in it?  As your belief deepened, manifestation would work easier and better for you.     That’s what I am setting out to do.  To prove to the uninitiated that something I believe in deeply, mostly on faith, exists for me, and for them.    There is scientific basis for believing in manifestation.  The best scientific support I have found  is Quantum Therapy, as demonstrated by the Double Slit Experiment.  This experiment on inanimate matter demonstrates when an observer is added to the mix, the results of the experiment...

True power is about our relationship with self, not with others

By Wendy Watson-Hallowell   Do you believe that we are responsible for other people’s reactions to us? If we are told we are hurting others, is it true? Can we really hurt others by simply being ourselves? Or is this just another way of giving away power? So then what is our true power?   Power Responsibility   Expecting others to help us feel OK because we helped them feel OK is a sure way to lose touch with our true responsibility and how we give our power away to others. What if the reality is that we are only responsible for our response to others? Does this mean that you can’t be ‘hurt’ by anyone else?   Quantum physics demonstrates that our experience really is all about our relationship with ourselves – not about...


Understanding Manifestation: Our July Issue’s Overview

By Danielle Rose   Manifestation is the law of attraction.   Merriam-Webster defines “manifestation” as a:  the act, process, or an instance of manifesting. b(1) :  something that manifests or is manifest. b(2):  a perceptible, outward, or visible expression (ie: external manifestations of gender).   If you believe in the palpability of energy, then you understand if we can visualize something, we can bring it into our lives.  There's more to the phrase "what you see is what you get" than meets the eye.  When we "see" something in our mind's eye, that's what we move toward energetically.  And when the energy-self moves, the physical body follows.   How to manifest   If we seek to bring something to us -- be it love, money, career ...

our inner child reflects into adulthood

Wrapping up Relationships: February’s issue in review

We have a relationship with everyone we meet—whether we like it or not.  Navigating relationships is at the crux of humanity.  When we are on point in our relationships, we feel great!  When our relationships are suffering—whether that is our relationship with ourselves, a troublesome family member, or a romantic interest—everything else suffers. Building healthy and productive relationships helps us in every aspect of our lives. That’s why, this month, we chose to tackle the concept of relationships from a variety of angles—discussing everything from our relationship with ourselves, to sex and intimacy, and even our relationship with the paranormal.  Here’s a peek into what we found. Sometimes a mentor is all you need to grab your dreams. Mind Key strives to be that boost for young...

letting go of toxic relationships

When relationships hold you back–Letting go of the limiting beliefs, not the connection

Toxic relationships take energy away from our personal path of growth. Ending a relationship that no longer serves us, however, can be a difficult journey. Someone once said to me, “Some people are easy to love, as long as they are in Australia.”  Some people I can only love as long as they live on Mars. The point is that sometimes toxic relationships make it impossible to do that which we love.  When that happens, we have two choices: try to change the relationship, or change the way we experience it. Wendy Watson-Hallowell, Mind Key’s own Belief Coach, shares how we can self-fulfill that which our relationships do not provide, and thereby forge a richer relationship with ourselves, and with those we love most.   Letting go of toxic...

Rock Your Year with Taraleigh the manifesting unicorn

Taraleigh Weathers is a manifesting unicorn! I didn’t know what that meant, either, until I took her four week manifestation course.  Taraleigh speaks with authority and clarity, offering real-time, realistic tools for creating what you want in your life.  During her Manifesting Unicorns course, I watched the dreams of the course’s other participants unfold, and watched myself lay the groundwork for Mind Key’s next adventure.  Now Taraleigh is offering her next course, “Rock Your Year,” to help you attain all of your New Year’s dreams. Don’t have time for another “course?”  The best part about taking strides toward your goals is that the more you do, the more time seems to be available to do it.  That’s because the universe believes in you, and believes in your...

Reflection as a tool for perspective

[caption id="attachment_5123" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo courtesy of Carlie Currier[/caption] I love words that can have more than one meaning.  Those words give my card readings multi-layered nuances.  For instance, when I read Shaman Oracle Cards for a client, there’s one card called “Shaman of Reflection.” I decide how to interpret it when I look at it and my client together. I'll get a certain feeling.  Sometimes I know that it means thinking hard about something, pondering, considering an action and the consequences.  Other times I just know it means seeing a reflection of yourself in something else, someone else, or taking a good look within ourselves and at our actions.  Similarly, when I was asked to write about “reflection” this month I debated which tract to...