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Nix Social Media: Manifest an Organic Relationship

By Rebecca Pall   Do you want an organic relationship? To manifest a real connection with someone you just met? Don’t let social media freeze that process!   The temptation is real   It happens to everyone.  Two people who have never met before express interest in each other.  They decide they want to go out on a date.  They plan that date.  However, chances are, one or both have social media accounts. They give into the temptation to find the other person’s Facebook and get to know him or her a bit more before dinner the following evening.  But chances are things will come up about what was seen on social media, and soon the date becomes stiflingly inorganic.   First dates were once simple—a true feeling of getting to know someone....

our inner child reflects into adulthood

Wrapping up Relationships: February’s issue in review

We have a relationship with everyone we meet—whether we like it or not.  Navigating relationships is at the crux of humanity.  When we are on point in our relationships, we feel great!  When our relationships are suffering—whether that is our relationship with ourselves, a troublesome family member, or a romantic interest—everything else suffers. Building healthy and productive relationships helps us in every aspect of our lives. That’s why, this month, we chose to tackle the concept of relationships from a variety of angles—discussing everything from our relationship with ourselves, to sex and intimacy, and even our relationship with the paranormal.  Here’s a peek into what we found. Sometimes a mentor is all you need to grab your dreams. Mind Key strives to be that boost for young...

letting go of toxic relationships

When relationships hold you back–Letting go of the limiting beliefs, not the connection

Toxic relationships take energy away from our personal path of growth. Ending a relationship that no longer serves us, however, can be a difficult journey. Someone once said to me, “Some people are easy to love, as long as they are in Australia.”  Some people I can only love as long as they live on Mars. The point is that sometimes toxic relationships make it impossible to do that which we love.  When that happens, we have two choices: try to change the relationship, or change the way we experience it. Wendy Watson-Hallowell, Mind Key’s own Belief Coach, shares how we can self-fulfill that which our relationships do not provide, and thereby forge a richer relationship with ourselves, and with those we love most.   Letting go of toxic...