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sleep's effect on academic performance

Student’s academic performance can heavily rely on sleep

By Toyreh Blacknell, a Fall 2016 graduate of William Paterson University, NJ Time is short. The not-long-enough 24 hour cycle of light and dark is one of the most prevalent patterns we experience as humans. College and high school students alike struggle with how to use those 24 precious hours a day to balance social life, extracurricular activities, and their studies often among family and work duties. Sleep, which should take up 1/3rd of that cycle, is usually the first element to drop from the equation. Unfortunately, lack of sleep only serves to interrupt other physical, mental and emotional patterns, becoming the silent cause to many common ills. This fact has many parents wondering what exactly is sleep's effect on academic performance? How much do students actually...

The benefit of stay-at-home fathers in the modern family

Jason Reilly, WPUNJ student writer   In today's changing economy more men are staying at home with their children, becoming stay-at-home fathers. Often, couples find the economic benefits of having a stay-at-home father are greater when the man becomes the caretaker. In a June 5, 2014 New York Times article, family and gender role writer, Claire Cain Miller, writes that the main driver for staying at home is choice.   According to Gretchen Livingston, senior researcher for the Pew Research Center, the number of stay-at-home fathers has doubled from 1.1 million in 1989 to reach  its highest point—2.2 million—in 2010. Eric Mountford, of Slate online said that he’s a stay-at-home father because although he'd love to put his kids in daycare five days a week, he doesn't have the...

Gait TRC: Therapeutic Riding

As my law practice wined down in the years leading up to retirement, I spent money and lots of effort getting certified as a therapeutic riding instructor with PATH International. Retirement seemed a good time for me to give back and meld my love of teaching special needs students. Teaching is something I had done for 11 years, but my love of horses, I have always had. While I was teaching, I often took one or two amenable students to my barn with me on the weekend, not to ride but mostly to clean or just have fun. Horses touched my students in a variety of ways—encouraging speech, eliciting emotions, controlling aggression. However, it wasn’t until after retirement that I realized how powerful a tool therapeutic...

Spending and your child: The effect of advertising on our youth

By Amanda Hollenbeck “I want, I want, I want.”  Every parent has heard these words ad nauseum. They’ve also heard how and why everything their children have seen on the television or via Youtube is something that they should own. Once children own the item they were yearning for, they usually lose interest in it, and move on to the next thing that they want. What role does advertising play in this dance, and are children more susceptible to advertising than adults Parents want to know how to avoid spending money on things kids only think they want while finding a better kind of currency to help children grow into happier, healthier adults. Research concluded that children who are eight years old or younger as especially vulnerable...

teaching kids intimacy and healthy relationship boundaries

Teaching your teen about healthy relationship boundaries

by Charla Dury As a mom of growing young men, I struggle with parental boundaries.  It is difficult to know when (and how) to give my kids advice about romantic relationships, let alone teaching kids about intimacy. I enjoy watching my boys happy in their relationships, but as with the rest of life, that’s not always the case.  I’ve also watched with disappointment as each of my boys have cultivated codependent tendencies. Knowing that they learned these relationship “moves” from me and their dad makes me sad. As a parent in today’s society, we’ve all heard that kids learn by example. It has never been more apparent, however, than it is when watching as your child makes the mistakes you had hoped that they didn’t see.  The times...

give a child a flower

The true meaning of Santa Claus – Giving

[caption id="attachment_5147" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo courtesy of[/caption] In this age of commercialization, how do we teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas? Perhaps you’re a parent who is considering telling your children the truth about Santa this year. This can be a tricky subject, especially when determining the appropriate age. In an article by Good Housekeeping, Caroline Picard describes a story about a parent who tells her child that Santa Claus exists in all of us, and it’s their time to become “a Santa” by giving an anonymous gift to someone they love, teaching the lesson of unselfish giving. “In our family, we have a special way of transitioning the kids from receiving from Santa to becoming a Santa. This way, the Santa construct is not a lie...


Protect Yourself and Your Family

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