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The best time of year to travel – look to the weather

I love to travel.  From visiting nearby cities and states, to traveling far away, the experience of travel is worth its weight in gold.  If you were to ask me when would be the best time to travel, I’d say any and all the time. I do understand, however, that some times of year are seen as better than others.  Many base their choices on the weather. [caption id="attachment_5264" align="alignleft" width="300"] Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Image by Charla Dury[/caption] How can the weather be so important, you ask?  It’s all about preference. Wouldn’t a vacation be more enjoyable during calm weather when you can enjoy excursions?  I know I would prefer to drive on clear roads instead of ice if I have the option. While some desirable destinations such...

Oktoberfest – Not Just For Germans

Although not technically a harvest festival, Oktoberfest is one of the most well-known fall festivals worldwide, and represents the basic human need for community and celebration. Today, Oktoberfest smacks of fall, with seasonal beverages and attractions to connect and recharge. The City of Munich’s website claims the origin of Oktoberfest, goes back to October 12, 1810.  It was on that day that the future King Ludwig I married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, giving all of Munich a reason to celebrate.  The festivity brought inspiration to celebrate yet again the following year, beginning the massive tradition of Oktoberfest. Each year since that famous wedding, new attractions, agricultural shows, contests, and beer tasting stations have been added to the festivity.   Like many harvest celebrations, Paige Villiard of The Black Label, writes...