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Do What You Love

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It’s about creating time, not making time

By Joseph Gonzalez   Life can be easier when taking things one step at a time. But sometimes, we tend to bite off more than we can chew, and this can get in the way of doing what we love. Most of us tend to have busy lives, and it could be difficult to do what we love amid that chaos. Despite this, it’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s not a matter of finding time, it’s about creating time. It’s normal to realize you won’t be able to get to what you love to do immediately. That screenplay you’ve been wanting to write could be perpetually on the shelf because of your job, spouse, kids, and other engagements. It could be months before you are able...

Manifesting your career with Mind Key

Are you seeking to boost your exposure as a professional?   Writing is one of the most powerful ways to get the word out about what you do. It will help people find you online, and brand yourself locally and globally. Whether your chosen path is writing, or something completely different, a professional writing course will benefit you. It's a great way to take the knowledge and interests you already have and manifest them into regular income—while at the same time offering your career and your brand serious credibility.   Everyone from fiction writers to health care practitioners can benefit from publication. In fact, whether or not you're a writer, we’ve found that publication is the fast-track to manifesting the career of your dreams. Unfortunately, writing about what you know and throwing...

Gait TRC: Therapeutic Riding

As my law practice wined down in the years leading up to retirement, I spent money and lots of effort getting certified as a therapeutic riding instructor with PATH International. Retirement seemed a good time for me to give back and meld my love of teaching special needs students. Teaching is something I had done for 11 years, but my love of horses, I have always had. While I was teaching, I often took one or two amenable students to my barn with me on the weekend, not to ride but mostly to clean or just have fun. Horses touched my students in a variety of ways—encouraging speech, eliciting emotions, controlling aggression. However, it wasn’t until after retirement that I realized how powerful a tool therapeutic...

Spring is the best time to renew your career

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Renew Your Work Options and Career Goals

By Rebecca Pall, Mind Key intern   With spring being a time of renewal in nature, it is also a great time to find opportunities to better our well-being.  One of the many changes that people may undergo is finding a new source of employment. The energy of the season notwithstanding, professionally speaking, spring is an ideal time to clean up your resume and begin the hunt for a new job.     The best time of year to job-hunt is now According to an article published by Career Sidekick, a website devoted to helping people advance their career and find better jobs, March, April, and May are some of the best times to apply for a new job. This is because employees  tend to take family vacations in the...

build the career of your dreams with Mind Key

Do you have what it takes to build the career of your dreams?

Since this month’s issue is all about relationships, we thought now was the perfect time to introduce Mind Key’s relationship with the future.  About a year ago, I cultivated a relationship with Martha Witt of William Paterson University.  Impressed with the Mind Key Project, Professor Witt asked that I speak with her capstone writing class about building a career in writing. What ensued was an assignment worthy of publication. That’s why, over the next few months, you’ll be seeing student pieces published in The Daily Key.  Each student was asked to pitch their story in detail. Upon approval of these pitches, they underwent several drafts. They submitted their final articles at the end of last semester. I have been working with the students, helping them find sources...

time is limitless

Connect the dots–make the most of time

We can’t believe how fast this month has flown by. And that’s just what January’s theme was all about--shifting our perceptions of time to better serve us. No matter what your perception, our society depends on a linear model for almost everything. Can that line be changed? Some articles this month asked readers to challenge their definition of chronology. Others offered guidance on how to make the most of the traditional linear view. Our goal was to help you organize, feel more centered, and incorporate more productivity into your lifestyle. Week One--center yourself In Plan to achieve your dreams, creative journaling becomes a means to be more focused and organized in 2017. Improve productivity and creativity, organize thoughts, and achieve your goals with The helpfulness of lists. Also,...

My Love For Italian Cooking

Being born and raised in Italy has been a huge part of my life.  My upbringing is deeply rooted in the Italian culture and its traditions.  Of course, a huge part of my diverse cultural upbringing is Italian food.  In my family, and as in most Italian families, cooking isn’t just a way to enjoy good, wholesome food.  It’s also a comforting part of life, a way to bring everyone close together.  Growing up, I’ve seen my grandmother, mother, aunts and even my father cook traditional Italian recipes, at times spiced up with their own different flare, with so much gusto and pride.  It made cooking—and of course, eating!—a much more interesting affair, one that left a mark in our souls, a sweet story to...