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Big companies give back: Primal gives back to the Cycling Community

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Dave Edwards, CEO, and Jung Rok Yoon, executive director, accept the Interbike Innovation Award. Primal on Facebook

Big companies give back: Primal gives back to the Cycling Community

By Jessica McWhirt

When big companies give back with a product that is a cut above the rest, they make huge strides in changing the way the world works. Primal is a cycling clothing company that offers an opportunity for businesses that have a greater vision. These businesses want to make a larger impact on the world. Mind Key is truly grateful for companies such as Primal, which strive to bring people together and make a difference in a tangible way.


Primal’s give-back program

Primal offers organizations a chance to take part in their Primal Gives Back program. Through this program, Primal donates 15% of the money made through clothing sales back to participating organizations. For example, anytime someone buys a product through Primal for say, the American Heart Association, Primal donates 15% of that profit back to the American Heart Association.


Giving back means more than just money

Big companies give back, but giving back is about more than money.

The Primal Gives Back program isn’t the only thing Primal does to better support community. Primal attends a multitude of their partners’ events. They then sell their clients’ cycling products for auctions or gifts in order to increase profit, advertising, volunteering, and donations. It’s almost surprising Primal makes a profit with as much money, time, and products they donate.

After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Primal mailed 500 pairs of socks to Clothed by Faith. There were hundreds of people lined up who had lost everything and were waiting for a pair of socks. Primal didn’t stop there. They also created a Texas Strong shirt and donated 100% of the proceeds to organizations in order to help people get back on their feet after the hurricane.

The difference with Primal is that they care more about people than profit. They give more than they’d ever think to take.


Helping you help others

When you shop with Primal, you help communities and organizations. The more people who buy from them, the more they can give to others. Primal can donate more socks to people affected by hurricanes. They can provide poor communities with clothes. They can donate money to organizations working to end cancer. And, they can teach girls how to ride mountain bikes and escape poverty.

When you purchase from socially-conscious businesses, you not only support the business, but you support their causes, making this world a better place.


Learn more about Primal and the organizations they benefit at

Primal makes the cycling clothing and athletic accessories you need to answer the call of wild adventure—from fabrics that enhance your performance to t-shirts you can wear on your day off. Their charitable and advocacy programs make it easy for customers to feel gratitude for clothing that does more than just give them to get out there and make life as fun as it can be.



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