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The best time of year to travel – look to the weather

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The best time of year to travel – look to the weather

I love to travel.  From visiting nearby cities and states, to traveling far away, the experience of travel is worth its weight in gold.  If you were to ask me when would be the best time to travel, I’d say any and all the time. I do understand, however, that some times of year are seen as better than others.  Many base their choices on the weather.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Image by Charla Dury

How can the weather be so important, you ask?  It’s all about preference.

Wouldn’t a vacation be more enjoyable during calm weather when you can enjoy excursions?  I know I would prefer to drive on clear roads instead of ice if I have the option. While some desirable destinations such as Costa Rica may be prone to rain all year long, wouldn’t you prefer to go in the winter when there might be less chance of inclement weather?  Isn’t it nice to leave twenty degrees in the winter (Denver in January) and land in seventy degree summer weather (Cancun, Mexico)?  I know I prefer it.

At times, when your options are limited by family, finances or career, you may not have a travel-timing choice.  But when you do, you can look at the weather.

The Grand Canyon – Image by Charla Dury

So, how can I check the weather?

Look online for the weather at your destination.  Many websites like Best time to go can give you information on your destination. It will show the weather during the time of year you’re thinking of traveling.  Most cities known for catering to tourists may even have their own websites with timing suggestions.

As long as you’re not traveling to an always mild climate like Southern California, the chances are that your destination will have a peak

Winter in Colorado – Image by Charla Dury

season. This is generally based on, you guessed it, the weather.  Whether the off-peak season at your destination contains hot and sticky or cold and icy, there’s a reason that it’s called off-season.  Most tourists prefer not to be caught in a hurricane or blizzard. Any weather event that would cause them to be forced inside, away from the reason they chose the destination in the first place.

Also, as the US comes out of it’s deep freeze, seasonal tourist attractions slowly open as well.  Remember, however, that this is also dependent on the weather.  Because of school schedules, my family chose to visit the Grand Canyon over spring break one year during a road trip.  The North Rim of the Canyon was still closed because of snow.  We also missed out on Mesa Verde National Park because it hadn’t reopened for the year when we were there.  We were all disappointed.

Also consider the weather at your home base.  Are you likely to have issues with flights canceled for inclement weather?  My husband missed an entire trip to Europe because of a blizzard at home.

Just remember, no matter when or where you choose to travel, be open to the experience and don’t let the weather (even if it’s not perfect) rain on your parade.

Charla Dury
Editor and COO

Mother, blogger, cyclist, travel enthusiast, accountant and writer, Charla Dury blogs about her experience in humanity. Whether fact, fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction, Charla’s writing brings out the human experience in each of us. “We are all part of one big human family and can relate to each other on multiple levels,” Charla said. “It doesn’t have to be only skin deep.” One of the most profound reasons Charla blogs is to bring back a sense of community and connectedness that is often lost in the world of technology.


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