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Ways to beat the holiday blues

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tips and tricks to beat the holiday blues

Ways to beat the holiday blues

Looking to beat the holiday blues this season? We know how you feel.

The holiday blues can actually be bad for your health. Here are some tried and true tips to feel strong all season long.


Tips to beat the holiday blues


  • Attend worship services. Even if you’re not religious, sometimes a quiet candlelit service can be exactly what you need to center and balance.
  • Take part in a volunteer effort or local charity. Giving back feels so good, you’ll forget you did it to beat the blues.


  • Find a good workout routine. When in doubt, do something you love–hike, swim, dance. Movement feels good and moves your energy as well as your body.
  • Get back to nature. Nature has proven health benefits, both mental and physical. Take a walk around a local park or trail.



  • Attend local events and activities. Visit to see what’s happening near you.
  • Spend time with family and friends. This can be either in person or over the phone. Being social can help lift your spirit.


  • Try out new hobbies or crafts. If you’re feeling really anti-holiday, then make sure they’re non-holiday related crafts!
  • Develop a reading list for books or watching list of movies. You can try a listening list for great music, too.


Many thanks to Newport County Community Mental Health Center for these great tips.

What do you do to beat the holiday blues? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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