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Basking in the afterglow of Summer Fest

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Basking in the afterglow of Summer Fest

This weekend was beautiful!  Jacqui Geary of Trinity Metaphysical did a fantastic job organizing and running Trinity Summer Fest, all while running her own booth and doing readings too (thanks Jacqui!).
I showcased my wings and meditation/dream pillows, and taught about the faeries while giving readings.  Couldn’t believe there was a three hour wait for readings with the faeries on Sunday!  Other readers had similar waits that day as well – a fabulous turnout.
It was a busy weekend and I feel extremely blessed to have met so many wonderful people interested in hearing the faeries.  Many were also blessed with the fae as guides, and I could see them buzzing about and tittering in my ear.  They were always excited when they had pertinent advice to share.  I was touched by each and every one of you, and continue to send many blessings your way.
Vera Ann Remes and Ruth Amarante of Raven Reiki felt similarly. 
“We were struck by how many people were in pain- physically, mentally and spiritually,” Vera said.  “Feedback cards were emotional reads for us.  We will send out healing to all those who need it.”
Kathleen Santora spent some time at my booth on Saturday, keeping us company, sharing her book and her spiritual healing.  It was a pleasure having her join us and we hope to see more of her soon.
Outside the light of healing there were other moments of brightness – solo acts and bands such as “Blind Men Driving?” kept the place rocking while Freckles the Clown and friends kept the kids busy with sand art, balloons, coloring and games.  There was hula hooping, yoga classes and fire dancers from Whirled Revolution after dark.  
I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with the new friends and businesses I discovered this weekend.  I also plan on doing more vendor shows – possibly including other Mind Key artists and practitioners, so please keep posted and let us know if you’re interested in sharing your passion via Mind Key.

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